Gender Swaying: How to Conceive a Certain Gender - Podcast Ep 13

Gender Swaying: How to Conceive a Certain Gender – Podcast Ep 13

TTCPublished June 3, 2019 Opinion

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert


If you plan on expanding your family, maybe you really want a certain gender. Perhaps you want to conceive a baby boy to carry on the family name. Maybe you have three boys and hope that the fourth time is a charm and you can conceive a baby girl. We understand. For generations, people have been trying gender-swaying tactics to conceive a certain gender. We want you to know that it’s normal to hope for a certain gender, so don’t feel bad or embarrassed. Ultimately once we meet our babies, we are all overjoyed no matter what we are blessed with.

However, surprisingly, if you want to increase your chances, there is actually some science behind gender swaying. You can do some things to improve your odds of conceiving the gender you want. While we all ultimately hope for happy and healthy children, this may be the episode that you are looking for to sway your chances of conceiving a certain gender in your favor.

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