10 Gifts Every Mom Wants for the Holidays

10 Gifts Every Mom Wants for the Holidays | Baby Chick

10 Gifts Every Mom Wants for the Holidays

When is the last time someone asked you to make a Christmas List, mama? The answer is pretty much never. You are the list fulfiller, not the list haver. This is why I’ve decided to create a great list that I think almost every mom would love. Go ahead a share this with the hubs and family members to give them a little hint on what would be great to receive this holiday season. 😉

1. Spa Retreat

Instead of a basket of fancy bath and body products (even though I do love LUSH products), a treat to the spa is always a key to any mama’s heart. Ask for a gift certificate that you can use for a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure — whatever your heart desires. Nothing says “I love you” like a day of pampering.

2. Day at the Salon

It’s rare that you ever have time to do things for yourself so a day at the salon is a great little luxury. Dads, for the holidays, get her a full day at the spa. She can then color her hair, trim/cut her hair, get a blow out, and maybe a few other services too. You could get a Brazilian blow out, eyebrows waxed, mani/pedi, etc. Having a day to get pampered (sans kids) is quite a treat.

3. At Home Spa Day

Sometimes a mom just doesn’t feel like leaving her house. Maybe you just had your baby, you’re still recovering and you want some extra TLC at home. It would only make sense to have everything brought to you. As a holiday gift, schedule a massage therapist to come to the house or have someone come by to give mom a manicure/ pedicure at the house for her to relax. If she just had a baby, schedule a postpartum doula to help and watch over your new baby so that she can fully enjoy her at home retreat.

4. Weekend of Solitude

This may be the best gift ever. Have the hubby and kids check you into a quaint hotel or bed and breakfast for the weekend. Shop, sleep, read, watch movies, eat, drink wine and champagne, you name it! It will be the perfect recharge, getaway just for you.

5. Day to be Lazy

Imagine receiving a cute card that says that you have the whole day off and can relax at home. Woohoo! All that’s on the agenda for you for the day is to lay on the couch and watch chick flicks with a glass (or a few) of wine. How divine!

6. Hall Pass

No, not that kind of hall pass. The kids could make a cute little coupon booklet that gets mom out of having to do all the things you normally take care of on a daily basis. Whether it be laundry, dishes, carpooling, or whatever — having a break here and there is a wonderful gift.

7. A Cleaning Service

Even if it’s only a one time thing — hiring someone to deep clean the house from top to bottom is a gift you as the lady of the house really can’t put a price on. I’m sure you’d be so grateful to have a clean house that you didn’t have to clean. Even though it may only last for a bit before the kids walk in. 😉

8. Something from the Heart

A video message from the kids telling mom (you) all the reasons why they love and appreciate you. Or even a sweet, hand-written card. Those are the things that touch the heart that no material present can beat.

9. A Date Night

From your partner/hubby, have him pick a date night in the near future and get a babysitter all lined up. Tips for dads: make a cute little invitation asking her to go out for a night on the town — just the two of you. Trust me, simply taking it upon yourself to get the babysitter is a gift in itself.

10. A Personal Chef

Like the cleaning service, this can even be a one-time deal. Your family could hire someone to come in and take the weight off your shoulders for a night (or more if possible.) If you can’t afford a personal chef, have the family take over several meals or maybe (dads) cook some nice dinners for her. Oh — and make sure they do the dishes too!

Also, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Michael Strahan, or Scott Eastwood under the tree (better yet, in the laundry room, folding) is exactly what this lady wants for Christmas. 😉 lol!

What would you like as your holiday gift(s) this year?
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