Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us
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Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

Learn why we love Yooforea's safe feeding products, including what they're made of, how they grow with your little one, and where to buy.

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Published October 3, 2022

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

As a new parent, you can spend countless hours researching the safest baby products. There are so many on the market that it can become overwhelming. Finding a safe baby bottle is especially important to parents because it’s one item their baby will use most. Remember, whatever the bottle is made of and how the milk or formula is prepared can be ingested by your baby. This is why it’s crucial to look for safe feeding products for your little one.

When we discovered Yooforea, we saw that they exceeded industry standards and gave parents much-needed peace of mind. Created by a Canadian mom, their products are simple and unique. And we love that safety is the company’s number one goal and that they strive to make their products the best of the best. Because Yooforea’s line of products was created to grow with your child, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered throughout the various feeding stages, giving your baby safe and quality products. After testing these products with my family and friends, I have recommended this brand to all families. Here’s why.

Yooforea products

What Makes Yooforea Products Unique?

Yooforea designed its products as an improvement to other products on the market. Their products contain no fillers or contaminants and are non-allergenic, soft-to-the-touch, and use medical-grade materials. It was cool to learn that they chose platinum silicone and borosilicate glass as the primary materials, which means their products are odorless, have no residues or toxins, are non-sticky, stain resistant, smooth, and shatterproof. Plus, we love that the products are all dishwasher-, microwave-, oven-, and freezer-safe. Their products can be used how you need to in the best and safest way.

Their Process

Yooforea bottles

In its lineup of Feeding Essentials products, Yooforea uses a UV treatment process to convert silicones through irradiation with ultraviolet to a silicon-inorganic material. This treatment forms a thin, protective layer on the product surface without requiring an additional coating. The process makes the products non-sticky, more stain-resistant, smooth, and durable.

They also post-cure their products for four hours at 392 degrees Fahrenheit, which is double the industry standard. This process is important because it eliminates residues, odors, and toxins so that you can be reassured of the safety and purity of your supplies.

We also love how Yooforea uses advanced platinum silicone in their products to make them non-allergenic and eco-friendly. There are no fillers or contaminants, which is much better for the environment than ordinary plastic products. Because of silicone’s durability, people take much longer to throw the products away. It’s also recyclable! When a product is good for our babies and our environment, we had to have it.

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

Why We Recommend Yooforea Products

The products are simple, pretty, and safe. We tested them all, and we genuinely love them. Yooforea wanted to make safer products for babies and kids, and they thought of everything. The silicone-coated glass bottles are genius, and the feeding products look classic but are also next level. And the fact that the products are antibacterial and dishwasher-safe is a dream.

Every parent wants their babies to have the best, and Yooforea fits the bill. It has chosen research and quality to lead the way in making its products the new industry standard. When they choose Yooforea, parents choose non-toxic, antibacterial, top-tier products. No harsh chemicals and soft, safe materials make Yooforea a natural choice. This is why I have been recommending them to my doula clients, friends, and family members. I have even been using them with my own family!

Yooforea’s Products Grow with Your Child

Here’s a closer look at Yooforea’s product lineup and how they grow with your child through each feeding stage:

Baby Bottles

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

Yooforea’s leak-proof glass bottles have really impressed us. Their bottles are coated with silicone, which they believe helps the transition from breast to bottle. The material is soft and supple and works as a sensory link for babies. After testing them, we like how their bottles are lightweight and that babies can easily hold them in their little hands when they begin to self-feed. The silicone coating also keeps babies and caregivers safe because they are shatter-resistant. However, if a bottle were to break, there is no risk of injury from the shattered glass.

The bottle has a non-collapsible nipple that prevents feeding from being interrupted, which is nice. It has an anti-colic feeding teat and an anti-colic seven-hole foam filter with a double venting system. The foam filter is an excellent feature that helps eliminate air intake. We found this piece helpful during feedings.

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

All Yooforea products, including the bottles, come in four color options: cream, tea, honey, and fog. There are three sizes of bottles: 3 oz, 5 oz, and 9 oz. Their 3 oz bottle comes with a small nipple (0+ months), their 5 oz bottle comes with a medium nipple (3+ months), and their 9 oz bottle comes with a large nipple (6+ months). Their nipples are also anti-colic (making this bottle triple anti-colic), which reduces air ingestion during feeding to protect against gas, fussing, and colic. If you like the bottle size you are using but need a different-sized nipple or additional nipples for your bottles, they are also sold separately.

Teether Spoons

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

The Yooforea teether spoons are perfect for stage one feeding. They are ergonomic and designed perfectly for little mouths and little hands. The spoon’s tip is soft and flexible, giving the baby a chance at a perfect bite while protecting their little gums. I thought it was clever that they designed the handle to mimic mom’s thicker finger, which helps simplify the transition to self-feeding. It’s become one of my daughter’s favorite spoons.

Weaning Set

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us
(Spoon not included in the set — sold separately.)

This is a great set to have! It comes complete with a plate, bowl, and training cup that helps to encourage your baby to drink independently. (Their spoons are sold separately.) Yooforea created the training cup with your baby’s little hands and mouth in mind. Our children need to learn to drink from an open cup, and this training cup is excellent for them to use and learn from. The soft silicone protects your baby’s new and growing teeth, and the cup is indented at the bottom to help prevent it from toppling over.

Suction Plate

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

Yooforea’s plates are great options when introducing solids to your baby. They are large, have a high wall, and have a super strong suction base, which keeps them safely in place, creating less mess for caregivers to clean up. Yooforea has two plate options available. They have suction plates with and without dividers. If your child doesn’t want their food touching, I recommend their divided plates. Their plates without dividers are only available in their baby-led weaning sets. If you choose this one, place the flat side facing your baby. This helps your child to be closer to the dish, making less mess.

Suction Bowls

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

These bowls are perfect for a baby just beginning to eat purées, solids, and cereals. Like their plates, the bowls are deep, helping your baby to guide food onto their spoon while bringing it up to their mouths. The unique design helps keep things clean at mealtime, and the suction base keeps things in place.

Silicone Roll-Up Baby Bib

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

Who doesn’t love a bib that’s a catch-all? We love how Yooforea’s silicone Roll-Up Baby Bibs have a deep pocket that catches crumbs and spills, helping to make clean-up at meal or snack time a breeze. They are adjustable, flexible, and lightweight, crafted with soft edges to prevent digging. I like how their bibs have a smooth and adjustable neckband with seven neck sizes to choose from. They are easy to put on but not easy for your child to pull off. And another cool feature is that these flexible silicone bibs can be neatly rolled up as a spoon case and securely packed in a diaper bag for busy, on-the-go moms.

Yooforea also offers a feeding set with two teething spoons, two bibs, and two bowls. It is a perfect starter set for parents.

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us
Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

The Yooforea Story

A Canadian mom began the Yooforea brand. She was on a mission to provide the best for her daughter in every way she could. She wasn’t interested in the harsh chemicals and toxins in plastics and knew there had to be a better way. So she heavily researched what was on the market and focused on creating a new industry standard. She wanted feeding products that offer families safe, hygienic, and durable options free of plastics and other chemicals.

Yooforea: A Baby Feeding Brand That Has Impressed Us

Where You Can Find Yooforea Products

As you can see, we are big fans of Yooforea. You can find them on the Yooforea website and on Amazon to purchase your own.

If high-quality and safe products are important to you and your family, look no further than Yooforea. It’s a brand that we believe in and support.

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