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The New Baby Bottle That Professionals and Parents Love

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Published March 18, 2019

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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As a mom who used to pump frequently–and at one point exclusively–I know how valuable every drop of breast milk is. We work hard for that liquid gold! So when it comes time to introduce a bottle to our babies, many moms begin to panic and wonder . . .

What if baby won’t take the bottle? What if he experiences nipple confusion? What if she won’t take the breast after feeding from a bottle? What if the breast milk gets damaged through the storage and preparation process? What’s the best bottle to give to a breastfed baby?

Don’t fret. All of these questions and concerns are normal. One of my recommendations to parents who are approaching this bottle-feeding milestone is to find the right baby bottle for your baby. With so many on the market it can be confusing and overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one. We recently discovered a new baby bottle that we had to share with all of you! It was innovated specifically for breastfed babies, it won the Health & Wellness Award for top innovations of the year by TIME Magazine, it was named the Smartest Baby Bottle Ever Made by Business Insider and breastfeeding mamas are swearing by it.1,2 Let me introduce you to nanobébé.

The Baby Bottle Innovated for Breastfed Babies | Baby Chick

The Baby Bottle That’s Turning Heads

What first intrigues parents about the nanobébé bottle–and makes them take a second look–is the unique round breast-like shaped design. Once you take a closer look at it you will notice that the bottle has a deep dome indentation in the bottom. It’s obvious that this baby bottle ain’t your mama’s baby bottle and that’s exactly what this company set out to do–create a revolutionary new design that protects the precious nutrients inside of breast milk.

The Baby Bottle Innovated for Breastfed Babies | Baby Chick

nanobébé Is the First Baby Bottle Specifically Designed To Protect Essential Breast Milk Nutrients

How do they do this? It’s all in their unique concave design.

First of all, did you know that according to the FDA, the amount of bacteria in fresh breast milk doubles every 20 minutes it sits at room temperature?3 This reduces both the nutritional value of breast milk and its immunological value, since breast milk uses its immune defenses to fight off the bacteria. Recent scientific research has proven that the temperature and the storage of human milk plays a vital role in preserving its natural nutrients.4

And did you know heating milk over 40°C/104°F causes deterioration of the milk’s immunological proteins and enzymes? Overheating pumped breast milk may also reduce fat absorption which could lead to less caloric intake for your baby. Crazy, huh? This is why nanobébé stepped in.

Everything about their bottle design was intentional and serves a purpose to protect breast milk. Their concave design provides significant surface area exposure to the milk, which allows the milk to spread thin across the bottle. The concave bottle shape provides quick and even warming that doesn’t destroy precious breast milk nutrients. Similarly, the shape allows for rapid cooling of the breast milk, reducing bacterial growth.

Because of nanobébé’s revolutionary bottle shape, now you or a caregiver can store and warm the bottle at safe temperatures and feed baby quickly without destroying the nutritional value of your breast milk.

Why Professionals Love It

The Baby Bottle Innovated for Breastfed Babies | Baby Chick

Professionals in the baby field love nanobébé for its health and safety features:

  • Quick cooling protects the nutritional and immunological value of your milk. The unique geometry of nanobébé’s bottle (and storage bags) allows breast milk to cool quickly, reaching its ideal refrigerated temperatures 2-3 times faster than standard bottles. This reduces the time that breast milk spends at room temperature, cooling as quickly as possible and limiting bacterial growth. This allows the immunological properties inside of the milk to go towards baby’s nutrition rather than to fighting off bacterial growth. 
  • Quick and even warming at safe temperatures helps to avoid damaging your milk’s precious nutrients. Overheating breast milk damages nutrients and increases the risk of hot spots, which are dangerous for your baby. As a live biological fluid, breast milk begins to deteriorate above body temperature, so it is recommended to warm it gently using warm, not boiling, water. nanobébé’s breastmilk bottle allows for fast and even warming at safe temperatures, to quickly and healthfully satisfy your baby’s immediate hunger needs.

Why Parents Love It

The all-in-one convenience and the high bottle acceptance rate are just some of the fun things parents love about nanobébé. Here’s the full list.

  • Nanobébé’s familiar breast-like shape, helps many babies to instinctively know where to place their head, hands, and mouth.
  • The familiar shape encourages a smooth and instinctual transition from breast to bottle for the times mom might need to be away from baby.
  • It’s easy to hold which enables them to learn how to safely self-feed sooner.
  • The shape of the bottle’s nipple mimics moms breast and is the slowest flow rate nipple on the market, most closely resembling actual breastfeeding.
  • The silicone nipples have an advanced 360° venting system to help reduce colic.
  • It warms up 2-3 times faster than standard bottles. Parents can soothe and feed their babies faster.
  • No hot spots are created with the geometry of the design, which means nothing will scald our babies!
  • You can pump directly into the nanobébé bottle using their breast pump adapter.
    • The nanobébé breast pump adaptor is compatible with all standard narrow neck breast pumps (the majority of the breast pumps on the market today) including Medela, Ameda, and many more.
The Baby Bottle Innovated for Breastfed Babies | Baby Chick
  • Nanobébé bottles can be stacked one on top of the other for better storage.
The Baby Bottle Innovated for Breastfed Babies | Baby Chick
  • Easy cleaning because all the parts are detachable.
The Baby Bottle Innovated for Breastfed Babies | Baby Chick

We can see that the nanobébé bottles were made to improve the entire process of feeding breast milk from a bottle!

If you’re interested in trying out nanobébé with your baby, we recommend their starter set. It includes all the essentials mom will need for baby: Breastmilk Bottles to help preserve breast milk nutrients during storage and warming, the nanobébé nonelectrical Smart Warming Bowl for quick and even warming of breast milk, as well as nanobébé Flexy pacifiers.

The Baby Bottle Innovated for Breastfed Babies | Baby Chick

What’s in the box:
1 x smart warming bowl
4 x 5oz/150ml breastmilk bottles
4 x slow flow silicone nipples
4 x travel covers
4 x storage caps
2 x breast pump adaptors
2 x 0-3m flexy pacifiers

Starter sets are sold at Walmart, Amazon, and Target!

We all know that every baby is different and not every bottle is right for every baby. But for the families who are breastfeeding that are looking for the closest thing to mom’s breast, the nanobébé bottle might just be the right bottle for your baby.

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