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120 Motherhood Mantras for the Year

MotherhoodPublished February 7, 2023


Motherhood isn’t for the weak, and there’s no denying that mental strength plays a huge role in our ability to survive (and thrive!) as moms. Enter mantras. Otherwise known as statements that hold meaning and are repeated, motherhood mantras can offer immense power to uplift, transform and guide us along our parenting journeys. Thus, they’re helpful and critical tools for any mother seeking joy and fulfillment on her journey.

Perhaps you’re brand-new to the concept of mantras, or maybe you’ve been incorporating them into your daily routine for years. Regardless, there’s no shortage of impactful words worthy of breathing life into when it comes to being a mama. For starters, check out our list of top motherhood mantras for the year.

18 Motherhood Mantras for Pregnancy and Delivery

Pregnant mother holding her baby in the background with a pregnancy affirmation written over her image.

1. My body is a safe place for my baby.

2. I am the perfect mother for my baby.

3. I can grow and carry my baby.

4. I am worthy of the anticipation and excitement of my pregnancy.

5. My body is working hard every day to provide nourishment for my baby.

6. I am brave, strong, and prepared to deliver my baby in whatever way is best for both of us.

7. My baby and my body can navigate the birthing process together.

8. My baby and my body are safe.

9. The scary moments are temporary.

10. My breathing and peaceful mind serve and ground me.

11. I am giving my baby my best. We are a team.

12. My body was made to do this.

13. I trust my body.

14. I will release all fears and trust the process.

15. I am stronger than the contractions.

16. Each wave brings me closer to my baby in my arms.

17. My body is capable and smart and strong.

18. My baby will arrive at the perfect time.

12 Motherhood Mantras for Postpartum

Cropped photo of postpartum mom holding her baby just wearing her underwear in the background with a postpartum affirmation written over her image.

1. I am proud of the hard work my body and mind did to bring my baby earthside.

2. My identity is constantly evolving as I step into my new role in motherhood.

3. I am worthy of rest and recovery.

4. I am worthy of self-care and self-kindness.

5. My baby and I are growing together every day.

6. My body is strong and remarkable.

7. My body is stronger than ever, even when I feel weak.

8. I am learning to accept and love my body as it is.

9. I will honor my body for all it’s been through.

10. I welcome this new chapter with a grateful and open heart.

11. I am capable and worthy of setting boundaries to protect myself and my baby.

12. I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.

10 Motherhood Mantras for Moms of Multiples

Happy mom holding her two twin girls in the background with a mom affirmation written over her image.

1. I am the best mom for each of my children.

2. I am giving each of my children my best, and that’s all I can do.

3. I will do some things differently with each child, and that’s okay.

4. I am a good and loving mom, even when overstimulated.

5. I am choosing to embrace the chaos. It won’t last forever.

6. It is okay to long for and embrace moments of peace.

7. I’m doing my best with my circumstances.

8. My heart is big enough to give my children the love they need.

9. I am doing my best to balance schedules.

10. I am worthy of asking for help when needed.

13 Motherhood Mantras for New Moms

Mom holding her baby feeding him a bottle in the background with a motherhood affirmation written over her image.

1. I am learning more about what motherhood means to me every day.

2. I trust my intuition.

3. My child and I are still getting to know each other, and that’s okay. We’ll figure each other out.

4. I’m making the best decisions I can, based on the information I have.

5. There are resources available to support me.

6. I don’t have to learn everything on my own.

7. There’s no one-size-fits-all for baby sleep.

8. There’s no one-size-fits-all for baby feeding.

9. There’s no one-size-fits-all for baby development and achieving milestones.

10. My child is growing and developing exactly how it should be.

11. My motherhood journey is unique, and that’s a beautiful thing.

12. The best is yet to come.

13. I am free to be the mother I want to be.

10 Motherhood Mantras for Moms Experiencing Loss

Sad mom hunched over holding a teddy bear in the background with a motherhood affirmation written over her image.

1. I loved my baby more than anyone else could have.

2. My baby knew of and felt my love for them.

3. Losing my baby was not my fault.

4. I will become stronger with each passing day.

5. I am proud of myself for showing up even when it’s hard.

6. I am comfortable sitting with my feelings of grief. They matter.

7. My child deserves to be known.

8. My story deserves to be known.

9. I don’t have to experience my loss alone.

10. I am worthy of brighter chapters ahead.

14 Mantras for Seasoned Moms

Mom carrying her daughter on her back and they are both laughing in the background with a motherhood affirmation written over her image.

1. I’ve got this. I’ve already proven that.

2. I am adaptable and can go with the flow.

3. I am still the best mom for my children.

4. Even when things get hard, I am the best mom for my children.

5. I am proud of how far I’ve come.

6. I welcome and embrace the changing seasons of my motherhood.

7. I am letting go of any guilt I’ve acquired.

8. I am choosing to give myself grace.

9. I am a good mom. Bad moments are expected.

10. There’s still time to do things differently.

11. I have the tools to handle this.

12. I am proud of the life I’ve created (literally).

13. Love is almost always the answer.

14. Do what you can; let the rest go.

11 Motherhood Mantras for Stay-at-Home Moms

A mom doing a plank with her daughter in their playroom in the background with a motherhood affirmation written over her image.

1. The work I do within my home is important.

2. My children and I are in this together. I am grateful to be by their side.

3. Even when I’m exhausted, I am the best mom for my children.

4. I need help at times, too. I can’t do it all, and that’s okay.

5. I am worthy of time for self-care.

6. My home isn’t perfect, but it’s enough for my family.

7. The days are long, but I’m the keeper of the moments my children and I will cherish.

8. I am giving my children everything they need.

9. Today is a new day.

10. I’m open to slowing down and moving at my child’s pace.

11. I can take a break if I need one.

11 Mantras for Moms Working Outside of the Home

Working woman holding her phone smiling and writing something down in the background with a motherhood affirmation written over her image.

1. The work I do in my field is important work.

2. My children are loved and cared for.

3. My children are learning from my example, even when I’m not with them.

4. Even when I’m spread thin, I am the best mom for my children.

5. I have the support I need to make it through today.

6. The days are long, but the time I spend with my children is extra sweet.

7. I am doing what works best for our family.

8. I am doing a great job.

9. I am worthy of time for myself.

10. I am choosing to go easy on myself. I can’t be everywhere at once, and that’s okay.

11. It’s not the quantity but the quality of time that matters.

21 Mantras for Every Mom

Mom holding her toddler son in the background with a motherhood affirmation written over her image.

1. I am exactly the mom my children need.

2. I am giving my children everything I possibly can.

3. I know my children better than anyone else.

4. I trust my motherly instincts.

5. I am my children’s best advocate.

6. I am confident in my abilities to mother my children.

7. This is hard, but I am strong.

8. This phase is just that — a phase.

9. Let them be little.

10. I will choose to pick my battles. Not everything is worth stressing over.

11. My child is loved, happy, and healthy.

12. I am choosing to be a cycle-breaker and do better for my children.

13. It is safe to trust my motherly intuition.

14. One day at a time.

15. Behavior is an unmet need. Behavior is communication.

16. I am the calm in their storm.

17. I won’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for my family.

18. I am my child’s nurturer, home, teacher, and guide.

19. My children love me exactly the way I am. I am their safe space.

20. I am called to be exactly the mom I am.

21. I am enough.

While being a mom is one of the greatest honors, motherhood’s daily ins and outs are enough to leave even the best among us questioning ourselves from time to time. Whether you’re expecting your first child or are knee-deep in active parenting (more specifically, momming), it’s important to maintain a healthy outlook on motherhood. Choose a few (or many) of the above mantras and start giving yourself the daily pep talks you deserve.

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