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FUTURE App Has Been My Postpartum Exercise Solution

After having my second baby, I have found the fitness program that I believe moms are looking for. Here's my review of the Future app.

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Published January 4, 2023

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

I’ve never been the girl who loves to work out. But I do it because I know it’s good for my body and my brain and will help me stay healthy for my family. However, after I gave birth to my second child, finding the time or energy to work out became really difficult — almost impossible. It was tough to find a program that worked for my work schedule, my kids’ schedules, and something that piqued my interest and motivated me to continue. I knew that a personal trainer would be my ideal option to help hold me accountable, but unfortunately, that was out of our family budget. I’ve tried fitness apps thinking that would be the solution, but, admittedly, I found myself stopping after a few weeks . . . I know I’m not the only one who has signed up for a program or a gym and then stopped after a little while.

When I was told about the FUTURE app and how it’s like a personal trainer in your pocket for a fraction of the price, I thought it might be a good option for me. I’ve been using it for the past month, and now I can say, without a doubt, that FUTURE is the postpartum exercise solution I’ve been looking for. I have been raving about it to friends and co-workers because I genuinely believe that this is the future of fitness, especially for busy moms like me.

But First, What Is FUTURE?

laptop screen looking at the Future.co website

FUTURE is a personal training fitness app that brings human connection to digital personal training. They use a combination of technology, content, and elite personal trainers to empower their members through fitness. They have added a personal touch to the digital fitness world.

In my opinion, several factors make the FUTURE app special.

  1. You get to pick the best coach for you. Fill out their “Find Your Coach” quiz or select from their list of available elite coaches.
  2. Once you select a coach and meet with them for a video call about your wants, needs, and equipment you have available to you, your trainer creates weekly custom training plans for you. They are paired with personalized audio coaching, and everything is custom-tailored to you.
  3. Whether you are pregnant or postpartum, a stay-at-home mom or a career mom who has to travel, FUTURE helps you achieve your fitness goals when and where it’s most convenient for you. Having a real coach who checks in on me and messages me throughout the week holds me accountable. This is why I keep doing the workouts and why I’m seeing and feeling results. If you read their reviews, other members agree.

How Does the FUTURE App Work?

The app is straightforward with an intuitive design, and it’s easy to get started.

The Future app

1. Download the App and Select a Trainer

First, download the FUTURE app and take their short “Find Your Coach” quiz to get matched to a trainer. (I filled out the quiz on their website and then downloaded the app once I was paired with a coach, but you can do this on their app too.) The quiz will ask you questions about:

  • How often you worked out last week? I said zero.
  • If you have any unique needs or interests? Maybe it’s injury prevention, weight loss, nutrition help, prenatal and postpartum, CrossFit, yoga, and more!
  • What’s your top fitness goal? Is it to feel stronger? Get active again, lose weight, recover from an injury, sweat, and have fun? There are more options to choose from.
  • What your primary motivation is for staying active?
  • What’s prevented you from achieving your fitness goals in the past?
  • And they ask, How would you describe your ideal coach? 

They provide multiple answers to choose from with all their questions, so you don’t have to think and type up your own responses. Just select the ones that apply best to you.

After evaluating my answers, FUTURE paired me with four potential trainers that they felt fit me best. I was then able to review each coach’s bio and see their experience, interests, and specialties. I chose Hope as my coach because I liked how she is an expert in efficiency training, HIIT, and strength training. As a busy working mom of two, I want to get the best bang for my buck with the bit of time I can offer to working out. I knew that with Hope’s experience, she could help me with my goals.

Looking at Hope's profile on the Future website.

If you prefer not to take their “Find Your Coach” quiz, you can go to their website and, at their bottom menu, select Coaches to see their list of available coaches.

Once I selected my coach, I was ready to sign up! It asked me if I had an Apple Watch, which I did. You don’t need to have an Apple Watch to use FUTURE, but I highly recommend having one because the watch tracks your progress as you’re doing each workout and sends your stats to your trainer.

After signing up, I received a welcome email prompting me to go to their app and schedule my call with my trainer.

2. Schedule a Time To Talk to Your Trainer

Once I had the app downloaded and my trainer selected, Hope sent me a video message and a typed message on the FUTURE app explaining what I could expect, what we would talk about on our FaceTime call, and when we could schedule our call. It felt really natural and easy to do.

FaceTime chat with my FUTURE trainer.

Hope and I got to know each other a bit during our call. She asked me more in-depth questions about my fitness journey, what I enjoy doing, my fitness goals after having my second baby, how often I want to work out, and how long I prefer each workout to be. I also was able to show Hope what workout equipment I have available. It was a great conversation. I believe it helped build our relationship and helped me become more familiar and confident with the FUTURE experience. During my call, Hope and I determined that three days a week for 30-minute workout sessions would be the best place to start since this is my first time working out again after having baby #2.

A woman in athletic wear and wireless earbuds looks at a smartphone. The text next to her reads, "FUTURE Coaching changes everything." There is a green button below the text with the words "JOIN TODAY" and a right-pointing arrow.

3. Get Ready To Work Out!

Mom doing an at home workout using the Future app.

After talking to my coach, Hope has created custom workout plans for me to complete each week. She messages me throughout the week through the app to check to see how I’m doing, motivates me to do my workout, and monitors my progress. I love that I can easily reach her through a message or by giving her a call!

Cool FUTURE Features!

There are a lot of cool features with FUTURE, and I wanted to point them out so you can see why I rave about it so much.

How It Connects With Apple Watch

FUTURE App Has Been My Postpartum Exercise Solution

This is definitely one of my favorite features. An Apple Watch keeps track of your heart rate while you are doing your workouts. It also tracks your steps and the calories you burned so you and your coach can monitor your progress. It also notifies your coach when you complete a workout, and your stats verify that you did, in fact, do the exercises. You can’t fool your trainer! By checking your stats, they can see which exercises got your blood pumping. Your stats and your feedback help them continue tailoring and adjusting your workout plan to help you achieve your goals.

What’s also nice about this feature is that you can quickly move to the next exercise by tapping the arrow on your watch. I find this really helpful when I am doing a floor exercise. This makes it more convenient because I don’t have to get up and touch my phone to progress to the next exercise.

Overall, I really like how I can see my results each day and my progress. It motivates me to continue doing the work and hitting my goals.

A woman in athletic wear and wireless earbuds looks at a smartphone. The text next to her reads, "FUTURE Coaching changes everything." There is a green button below the text with the words "JOIN TODAY" and a right-pointing arrow.

View Your Workouts

FUTURE App Has Been My Postpartum Exercise Solution

I also like how I can look at the upcoming workouts in advance. When I select “Overview” on the bottom left of the app, I can see what Hope will have me do for each workout, how many reps or minutes she is going to have me do them, and what equipment I am going to use. My coach always puts in a warm-up at the beginning and a cool-down at the end of each session. And what’s nice is that there are videos of people doing each exercise, so you can see and hear the audio of how to do the proper form. I also like how my coach starts the workout with a personal message and records tips tailored to me on what’s coming next or what to keep in mind when performing the exercise. This makes me feel like I really do have a personal trainer guiding me throughout my workout journey.

Rate Your Workouts

Zoomed in picture of hands rating the Future workout on their app on an iPhone.

At the end of each workout, the FUTURE app asks you to rate how difficult or easy it was from 1 to 10. Then, you can give your coach any feedback. In this text box, I include what I liked, what was challenging for me, when I went up or down on my dumbbell weight, or any modifications I made.


Messages in Future app

On the bottom right of the app, you will see your coach’s picture and “Messages” written under it. This is the section where you can communicate with your coach directly. I’ve been able to message my coach, and she sends me messages throughout the week, too, to keep me motivated and remind me that she is there to support me. I like how you can message your coach as much as you want with your questions, comments, and concerns. They are there to help and provide guidance throughout our fitness journeys.

A woman in athletic wear and wireless earbuds looks at a smartphone. The text next to her reads, "FUTURE Coaching changes everything." There is a green button below the text with the words "JOIN TODAY" and a right-pointing arrow.

Record Form Feature

If you’re worried about doing an exercise incorrectly and want to prevent an injury from occurring, your FUTURE coach can help. Message your coach a video of you performing the movement through the app, and your coach will get back to you with feedback. They will say you are good to go, or they will send you a video of them explaining and showing what you can do differently to improve your form.

Earn Badges

Other motivators that FUTURE provides are badges. I can earn special badges when I hit different goals, such as calories burned, workouts completed, etc. FUTURE wants you to stay motivated and committed to your fitness routine, so they have created some great features like this to keep up your motivation and commitment!

Go at Your Own Pace

FUTURE App Has Been My Postpartum Exercise Solution

With FUTURE, I can get in my workouts on my own time. Often, that’s during my kids’ nap times or when they are in bed. But sometimes, my kids get up early, and I get interrupted. I like how you can pause the FUTURE app if you need to stop. Whether your baby or older kids are calling you or you need to stop for a drink of water, press pause to attend to the things you need (or need you), and then get back at it! You can also revisit any of your workouts at a later time.

The Music

Looking at her Apple watch seeing the music that is playing through the Future app.

I didn’t expect that there would be music playing during the workouts, but I was pleasantly surprised! It plays music at the perfect volume, but you also get to select the type of music you prefer. They have different categories like New and Fresh, High-Energy Hits, Throwback Jams, or you can play from your Spotify account or another music app on your phone. I have found that this helps me get into the mood to get moving.

A woman in athletic wear and wireless earbuds looks at a smartphone. The text next to her reads, "FUTURE Coaching changes everything." There is a green button below the text with the words "JOIN TODAY" and a right-pointing arrow.

Viewing Options

Currently, the FUTURE app is only compatible with iOS but will be available on Android in 2023. I’ve only viewed my workouts on my iPhone because that is most convenient for me. However, you can also view them on your iPad, Mac laptop, or Mac desktop. You can also use “Screen Mirroring” to AirPlay them to your smart TV. This is a nice feature to view your workout routines on a larger screen.

Why This Is My Favorite Way To Work Out Now and Why I’m Recommending FUTURE to Every Mom

FUTURE App Has Been My Postpartum Exercise Solution

I’m thrilled I found this fitness app. It’s made a big difference in my life, and here are the reasons I’m telling everyone about it.

1. Work Out When You Want To

When you have a kid, finding a workout class that fits your schedule and your kids’ schedule is tough. With the FUTURE app, I choose when, how long, and how often I can work out.

2. You Don’t Have To Drive Anywhere

I no longer have to factor in the commute to driving to my workout location and driving back home. My FUTURE trainer essentially comes with me everywhere I go.

3. Work Out With What You Have

If you have access to a gym, local fitness center, or workout equipment in your home, great! But even if you don’t have any of those things, your FUTURE trainer creates a workout routine with what you have. So if you don’t have anything available, that’s okay. Just using your body weight is a great workout too

4. No One Is Awkwardly Watching You Work Out

I love that I don’t have to go to a gym or a class and have other people look at me while I work out. Watching me huff and puff and sweat is not something I want a bunch of people to see, especially as I’m getting back into working out again. I can wear what I want and feel comfortable doing the routines wherever I please.

A woman in athletic wear and wireless earbuds looks at a smartphone. The text next to her reads, "FUTURE Coaching changes everything." There is a green button below the text with the words "JOIN TODAY" and a right-pointing arrow.

5. My Coach Holds Me Accountable

This is the biggest thing for me. My intentions are always good, but life can get busy with kids and work. I end up making excuses and then find myself not staying active. With FUTURE, my coach messages me almost daily and reminds me of my workouts, motivates me, and holds me accountable. I show up for her, but I’m the one that’s reaping the benefits!

Fun fact: FUTURE has found that its members are 2x more likely to achieve their fitness goals than if they used a different top fitness platform. I believe that this has to do with the relationship you build with your coach and how they help you stay accountable to your fitness commitments.

6. FUTURE Considers Where You Are in Life and Your Experiences

There are plenty of fitness apps available, but with FUTURE, you are training with a real person. Your coach will modify things to meet your needs and adjust things to what you’re experiencing in life. Are you pregnant? Postpartum? Have injuries? No problem! They’ll be able to work with you.

7. It’s More Affordable Than Having In-Person Personal Training Sessions

As I mentioned before, I knew that a personal trainer would be an excellent option for me. However, $100 an hour for a trainer was out of the question for my budget. FUTURE offers a concierge, flexible, and elite training experience for a flat fee of $150/ month for an all-you-can-exercise plan. While $150 is not cheap, it’s more affordable and doable for me than an in-person trainer.

With FUTURE, you can train up to seven days a week. It would cost me $700 a week to meet with a trainer seven days a week, which would be $2,800/month. I spent about $150/month on local fitness memberships, but I wasn’t finding the time or energy to find a class that fit my schedule, drive myself there, and commit an hour of my time to work out. FUTURE has been the solution to my problem. Plus, unlike most trainers who ask you to buy training packages of 10 or more, there’s no long-term commitment. Future allows you to cancel at any time.

8. I Can Continue My Workouts Even While Traveling for Work or Pleasure

FUTURE App Has Been My Postpartum Exercise Solution

Sometimes I have to travel for work, and I’ve never been good at keeping up my workouts while I’m away. With FUTURE, I can let my coach know when I will be out of town, and she can plan workout routines that cater to me being away. All I have to do is let her know what I’ll have available to work out with, what my schedule will be, and I can get my workouts in wearing my Apple Watch. It’s never been easier, and she’s still helping me stay accountable even when I am away from home.

Final Thoughts About FUTURE as a Mom

A lot of things have changed for me after birthing my two kids. My body is different. My energy levels were lower. And my time is less flexible and less available. I noticed that my mid-section had gotten wider, but my patience had gotten thinner. My mood wasn’t consistent. My eating habits became worse. My energy was drained. And I felt less confident. Now that I’m taking care of myself again and have a coach supporting me, I’ve noticed an improvement in all of these areas in my life. My husband has been so proud of me, my kids seem happier (maybe it’s because I have more energy for them), and I’m feeling more like me again.

Mama, if you’re tired and ready to invest in yourself again, this is it. If you’re looking for a workout program that is going to hold you accountable to help you reach your goals, I cannot recommend the FUTURE app enough. It’s been my postpartum workout solution, and I feel it’s an amazing option for all moms everywhere.

Want to give FUTURE a try? As part of our audience, click here to receive 50% off your first month!

A woman in athletic wear and wireless earbuds looks at a smartphone. The text next to her reads, "FUTURE Coaching changes everything." There is a green button below the text with the words "JOIN TODAY" and a right-pointing arrow.
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