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Celebrating My “Village”

motherhoodPublished May 20, 2017


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It takes a village. Yep. That’s one I had heard plenty before getting pregnant with Fischer. Now that I’m almost two years into this mommy thing, it’s a phrase I find myself saying often. Historically, the “village” was quite literal. People lived communally, in some places around the world they still do. So it wasn’t up to just the biological mother but ALL the village mothers to raise the kids and support one another. I wouldn’t say that idea has necessarily disappeared over the years, but for several reasons, the “village” doesn’t always literally exist anymore. The question is, has the importance of the village disappeared? I wholeheartedly argue NO.

A few years ago, I “lost” a friend to her village. She was my first friend to have a baby. Though she eventually made her way back, we knew that instead of nursing a hangover with us on a Sunday, she was at a playdate, the park, the zoo, etc. We didn’t get it.

And then came Fischer.

Since then, I’ve realized the incomparable value of THE village. Of surrounding yourself with like-minded mothers, and heck, even some that aren’t as like-minded. Of allowing someone else to show your child how to do something or BE something.

Since this is the MONTH (my husband loves when I say that) of motherhood, why not celebrate those women? Those who inspire you to be the best mother YOU can be. Those who encourage you when you feel like you’re not doing it “right.” Perhaps most importantly, those whom you trust to help raise your child and develop a strong moral foundation within them. Celebrate each other’s successes, misgiving, blunders (yes, MISTAKES), goals, and generally the fact that we make the world go round.

Celebrating My “Village”

No matter how you choose to celebrate each other’s awesome mothering skills, the point is to remember that you’re doing it right, momma, because you’re doing it YOUR way.




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