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A Sugar Plum Shoppe Birthday Soirée First Birthday Party Theme

Here's how one mom made a special first birthday for her littlest one.

Published December 14, 2015

When our sweet Sawyer turned one, we decided his first birthday theme would be a birthday soirée as sugary as he is was in order, and we wanted to honor our littlest boy in the biggest way!


Themed Party at a Bakery

So we rented out our favorite bakery, The Sweet Boutique, in Katy, Texas, and set up Sawyer’s Sugar Plum Shoppe. The “Nutcracker” holds a special place in my heart, so we ran with the theme for a dessert- and cookie-decorating party that surely left our guest with sugar plums dancing in their heads!


Sawyer’s outfit was vintage Florence Eisemen, and Dainty Couture made his personalized party hat.


The Sweet Boutique provided all our desserts and refreshments except our exquisitely handmade “Nutcracker” cookie tray. Those beauties are the work of my dear friend and cookie genius, Pamela of Pamcakes Bakes.


Our friends at Scratch Paper Studio designed the paper goods. Natasha understood my vision of the “Nutcracker” sugar plum shop and brought it to life. We couldn’t have been happier!


Everyone decorated and enjoyed their cookies. We skipped presents and asked that instead of bringing a gift for our incredibly blessed boy, our guests bring an unwrapped toy for our annual contribution to Toys for Tots if they felt so inclined. We ended up with many generous donations, and of course, Sawyer’s friends couldn’t help but spoil him too. We have some truly remarkable people in our lives. Lastly, there was cake!


Sawyer was apprehensive and gentle with his cake smash, which is just oh-so-completely HIM. Our tiny gentlemen!


My favorite snapshot from Sawyer’s Sugar Plum Birthday Soirée is the last. My eyes filled with the happiest of tears and Sawyer’s precious grin. I felt SO incredibly blessed by this boy in this moment; I couldn’t be more grateful that it was captured. Don’t you just want to live in those moments? When your heart is just full of bliss in motherhood? We wish you many of those moments this season!

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