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16 of Our Favorite Baby and Kid IKEA Finds

Discover the best kid and baby finds at IKEA: From efficient high chairs to potty training tools, uncover 16 amazing IKEA treasures!

Updated April 29, 2024

We all know IKEA for its awesome furniture, customizable kitchen packages, and delicious meatballs – but did you know that IKEA is one of the best places for some fantastic baby and toddler finds? Take this list with you next time you spend the day shopping ’til you drop to ensure you don’t miss out on any of these treasures.

Favorite IKEA Finds for Kids

Here are 16 of the best finds for kids and babies at everyone’s favorite build-it-yourself store, IKEA!

1. Antilop – High Chair with Tray

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The ultimate high chair for any new mom: It’s the easiest thing to clean. Need I say more? It has a simple white finish, and you can’t go wrong with this price.

2. Lockig – Children’s Potty

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This potty is the best for those tough potty training days (weeks, months . . . ). Its removable insert makes it easy to dump it all out, clean it up, and keep moving.

3. Tossig – Toilet Seat

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Like the one above, it is still a big part of potty training, but this is a better option for older kids. Sometimes going on the big toilet can be scary to them, so this is where this toilet seat comes in – still using the big kid potty but just with an added seat!

4. Bekvaem – Spice Racks

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I know what you’re thinking – how are spice racks a great baby or kid find? Well, these are amazing to use as bookshelves! They come in a plain birch color, so they’re also easy to DIY and paint based on your nursery/children’s room. They also hold quite a few books and are the perfect addition to a gallery wall.

5. Trofast – Storage Combination With Boxes

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Are your kid’s toys all over the living room? Want to find something that goes with your décor without being too kiddish? These storage containers are perfect for that. You can get colorful bins (yellow, orange) or keep them neutral with the light white stained pine and white bins. Perfect for hiding those Barbie dolls and race cars.

6. Sniglar – Crib

16 of Our Favorite Baby and Kid IKEA Finds
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IKEA has many crib options in its inventory, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. One of my favorites is this simple, beech-colored one. It goes with any nursery décor, and it’s just so simple. For under $100, this is the perfect place for your babe to sleep (hopefully)!

7. Kladdig – Children’s Bib

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It’s one of my favorites for those messy first meals, painting activities, or anything you think your child might be getting dirty. It covers their entire upper body, including their arms and belly, and can be thrown right into the washer until the next time you need it.

8. Kura – Reversible Bed

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Transitioning baby out of the crib and into their big kid bed can be tough, so ensuring you have the right bed is key. This Kura bed is so fun! You can have it loft-style with a little hideout underneath or with the bed closer to the ground. We also love that it’s reversible!

9. Kalas – Plates and Bowls

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The sweetest plateware to add to your cupboards; choose from adorable pastel colors or brighter primary colors. They are the perfect vessel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

10. Ekorre – Rocking Moose

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One of our favorite IKEA finds! The perfect addition to any playroom, this rocking moose has that classic rocking horse feel with a little edge. Bright red and ready for hours of fun!

11. Leka – Baby Gym

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These baby gyms can easily cost an arm and a leg, so at under $40, this is a must-have for any new mom and a great baby shower gift. With its bright colors and dangling toys, your babe will love it.

12. Duktig – Play Kitchen

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This is one of the most popular IKEA finds. What toddler doesn’t love cooking an imaginary breakfast in their play kitchen? With its sleek wooden look, this is the perfect piece to add to a playroom or living room. It’s a nice change from the usual plastic piece.

13. Forsiktig – Children’s Stool

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We try to keep most things out of sight for the kids, and in most situations, it’s for the best reasons. However, sometimes things need to be accessible for them. This stool is perfect for reaching the sink or a drawer to instill toddler independence.

14. Mala – Drawing Paper Roll

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Am I the only mom struggling to find scrap paper for their kiddos to draw on when they feel creative? This is why I LOVE this paper roll! With 98 feet of crisp drawing paper, they can spend hours drawing up their favorite superheroes and imaginative lands.

15. Poäng – Kid’s Armchair

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IKEA makes the Poäng in both adult and kid sizes, and its fabrication is simple yet still a comfortable place to sit. We had one in our first nursery, and we love having the kid’s version in our living area for a comfy spot to sit on family movie night!

16. Duktig – 14-Piece Vegetable Set

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This adorable felt vegetable set is one of our favorite additions to the IKEA kitchen! They also have a pizza set and a fruit basket made from the softest, most durable fabric that is easy to wash. With IKEA’s full-play food set, your child can be just as creative in the kitchen as a master chef!

IKEA is one of our favorite one-stop shops for everything at home. It is one of the best places to get everything you need for the perfect playroom, nursery, or kids’ room. This is just skimming the surface of all it offers regarding discovery and imaginative play. Consider filling your IKEA-sized cart with some of these fun finds on your next shopping trip!

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