If Stay-at-Home Mom Was a Profession, This is How Much it Would Pay
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If Stay-at-Home Mom Was a Profession, This is How Much it Would Pay

Let me spell it out to you exactly what a stay-at-home mom does all day, and how much a profession as a SAHM would pay in the working world.

Published April 9, 2018

If people think being a stay-at-home mom is a leisure gig – they’re dead wrong.

I find it highly irritating when people say, “Oh, you stay home with your kids! So what do you guys do all day?”

Excuse me – what do I DO ALL DAY?! I do everything all day!

Easily, a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is one of the most underrated, under-appreciated, and overlooked “professions” on the planet. And yes, it’s a profession. Because to juggle as many hats as a stay-at-home mom does, you’ve got to be a downright pro.

If you’re not a stay-at-home mom, let me break it down for you here. Let me spell out precisely what we do all day and how much someone in the working world would make doing what we do daily.

Housekeeper – $12 per hour

The daily chores, cleaning, tidying, and organizing are usually all done by the SAHM. Between laundry, dishes, mirrors, toilets, countertops, floors, picking up toys, rearranging closets, cleaning out drawers, vacuuming, dusting, and so on – it’s pretty much a never-ending cycle.

On average, a stay-at-home mom will spend around 4 hours cleaning the house daily.

Chauffeur – $13 per hour

Between going to and from school, soccer practice, clothes shopping, grocery store runs, and other kid’s activities – a SAHM is undoubtedly a pro at driving a minivan. Not only is she driving this vehicle, but she’s also cleaning it out, finding dirty socks, missing shoes, and hidden progress reports in between the seats on the regular.

On average, a stay-at-home mom will spend around 2 hours driving their kids around town daily.

Personal assistant – $14 per hour

Yes – a stay-at-home mom is basically a personal assistant for tiny humans. “Mommy, I want some milk.” “Mommy, can you fix my toy?” “Mommy, I pooped! Can you wipe me?” If we got paid a dollar every time we heard the word “Mommy,” we’d be richer than Bill Gates.

On average, a SAHM will spend around 8 hours tending to their kids’ daily needs.

Personal chef – $25 per hour

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sure, usually, it’s easier to grab a quick bite for the whole crew from a drive-thru. But most of us stay-at-home moms cook – and we cook a LOT. From pancakes and eggs in the mornings to ham sandwiches for lunch to spaghetti and salad for dinner, meals take lots of time and lots of love to prepare.

On average, a stay-at-home mom will spend around 2 hours cooking meals for their families daily.

Teacher – $27 per hour

We are constantly teaching our kids. We teach them the letters of the alphabet and numbers, how to walk, how to speak, how to read, how to share, how to play with others, and how to memorize. And while some might not be homeschooling moms, teaching in some capacity is always something we moms do with our children daily.

On average, a SAHM will spend around 5 hours teaching their children daily.

Life Coach – $160 per hour

This one is the biggest one of all, in my opinion. Between teaching our kids how to set goals for themselves, be the best person they can be, treat others with respect, and see their value and worth in this life – ALL moms find themselves doing this for our kids all day, every day. We are their counselor, mentor, skills manager, and cheerleader.

On average, a stay-at-home mom will spend around 9 hours coaching their kids through life per day.

So, let’s add this up. Between being a housekeeper, chauffeur, personal assistant, personal chef, teacher, and life coach, a stay-at-home mom should make…

$1,811 per day,

which equals to

$12,677 per week,

which equals to

$50,708 per month,

which equals to

$608,496 per year.

Yes. Those numbers sound fair to me. And that doesn’t include also being a nurse, accountant, personal shopper, and more. Phew!

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