Parenting with the Other Woman After Infidelity – Podcast Ep 17

Sad child on a swing, inbetween her divorced parents holding her separatedly .

Parenting with the Other Woman After Infidelity – Podcast Ep 17

Once you have discovered that your partner has had an affair, processing that betrayal is hard enough. When you add kids to the equation, that makes the whole thing even tougher. I’ve gotten to chat with Melissa Davis, the founder of After the Affair, before on our podcast about dealing with adultery as a new mom. But what happens next next? Now that you have dealt with the big blow of finding out about your partner’s affair, and if you have decided to separate after that devastating news, how do you navigate parenting with your now ex-partner and the other woman? I can only imagine that it can’t be easy. Luckily, Melissa is giving us some amazing tips on how to manage this new and very difficult chapter. She and her team have helped countless of people as they heal from their partners’ affairs. Today she is sharing her personal story, what what many parents experience as they try to co-parent with their now ex’s, and how to parent with the other woman.

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