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Mom Confessions: One Mom Tells All

Tales of everyday life that we can relate – from funny to thought-provoking moments. Enjoy these 30 mom confessions!

Updated May 1, 2024 Opinion

These are the stories that we love to hear. The little anecdotes we relate to because sometimes, we’re living them too. Mom confessions are my favorite because when everything seems to go wrong and I feel down about my parenting shortcomings, they remind me that I’m not alone. And neither are you, momma. So, cheers to our favorite mom confessions. They’re juicy and relatable, but most importantly, they’re just honest confessions of an average mom. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, but it’s just real talk.

30 Mom Confessions

Here are 30 mom confessions for you to enjoy—and relate to:

1. I Hate How Husbands Get Praised for the Bare Minimum

You see it all the time. Anytime he does what any mom would do—sometimes even less—there are praises galore! Honestly, folks, he’s just being a parent.

2. I Enjoy Watching Preteen, Coming-of-Age Shows/Movies with My Kids

Ah, to be a kid again. The storylines are cheesy, the lessons are clear, and the music is catchy. Remember when the biggest problem in life was trying to figure out what to wear to school?

3. Stop Saying It’s Great That Spouses’ Babysit’ Their Kids

Memo to every couple raising children in the same house: You can’t babysit your own kids. It’s called parenting.

4. Sometimes, When I Tell My Kids I’m Working, I’m Really Playing Tetris or on Social Media

Seriously, who doesn’t love zoning out now and again? I mean, technically, Tetris is strengthening my problem-solving skills.

5. It Makes Me Crazy When My Partner Says I Should Take a Break by Running Errands Without the Kids

Oh yes. I’m still running errands for the household that are mundane and, well, chores. Please don’t even pretend to call that self-care or a break. It’s more like that invisible workload everyone raves about.

6. Sometimes I Skip Sentences When I’m Reading a Book to My Kids for the Umpzillionth Time

Yes, guilty as charged. When my kiddos were younger, I sometimes shortened the story to get to the ending sooner. We were still reading, but sometimes, momma needs an early bedtime.

7. I Sometimes Lie About What Time It is so the Kids Can Go to Bed Earlier.

The days can feel really long. And the benefit to little kids not knowing how to tell time is for parents to be able to say it’s bedtime a half hour early because sometimes we need a break sooner.

8. I Love My Kids, But I Need a Break from Them

I care for my kids fiercely and love them with all my heart. But even too much of a good thing can be too much. Yes, I’m a mom, but that doesn’t mean it is my entire identity.

9. Some Days, the Smiles and Giggles Don’t Outweigh the Tears and Tantrums

Do you know how people say things get easier when your kids get older? Well, they don’t–at least, not entirely. There are plenty of days when they throw tantrums just as big; they just don’t throw themselves on the floor anymore.

10. Sometimes, I Don’t Give My Kids Chores Because I Do Them Faster

Will having chores teach my children responsibility and help them develop a good work ethic? Yes. But I must ask myself, for sanity’s sake, do I have time or patience to watch them fold one sock at a time?

11. Partners Saying They’ll Do You a Favor by Doing What Parents Should Do is Irritating

Because you load the dishwasher after I ran the kids around to sports, cook for them, bathed them, and put them to bed? That’s just doing your part.

12. Sometimes, My Kids Have a Cookie with Breakfast Because I’ve Learned to Pick My Battles

Let’s be honest. Half of the frozen waffles, toaster strudels, and other breakfast-acceptable quick fixes are just as nutritionally dense. At least they had yogurt with real fruit first.

13. Occasionally, I Wonder How Different My Life Would Be If I Didn’t Have Kids

Of course, I love them more than life, but sometimes I wonder how things would have been different. Would I have chosen a different career? Where would I be living? I wouldn’t trade any of it for what I have. Still, I wonder.

14. I Hide My Favorite Snacks Because Moms Deserve Special Snacks Too

No. You cannot have my over-priced, designer coffee drink. First, you’re too young. Second, just no. And these cookies are mine. Mama doesn’t want to share.

15. I Tell My Kids My Food or Snack is Spicy Because I Don’t Want to Share

Speaking of sharing, kids always pick off our plates and want whatever we’re eating. Sometimes there are meals or desserts that we would like to enjoy ourselves. This might include drinks because I don’t like drinking my child’s backwash.

16. I’d Like Another Child, But the Idea of Starting All Over Again is Exhausting

Every time I hold a newborn, all I can think about is how tiny they are, how sweet their little face is, and how much I love that baby smell. But then I also remember how much I love uninterrupted sleep and not changing diapers every day.

17. Since Becoming a Mom, Coffee Has Become Its Own Food Group

There are a million and two memes about how essential coffee is to many people. And yes, I am one of those people. It’s one of the small routines that help me keep my sanity, so why not?

18. I Tell My Daughters They Can Do It All, But I Don’t Know If It’s True

There isn’t a thing in this world that my girls can’t do. Whether it’s a career, a family, traveling, or all. I have a hard time balancing it all, so all I can do is encourage and support them and hope for the best.

19. I Thought I’d Feel More Fulfilled by Motherhood

Don’t get me wrong. I adore my children, even when they’re acting like little minions. But pre-motherhood me thought I’d feel more fulfilled. I thought that once I had kids, I wouldn’t need anything else in my life, but that hasn’t been the case.

20. Sometimes, I Don’t Keep My Kid’s Drawings

I used to feel incredibly guilty about this. But believe it or not, years can go by, and the kids forget that one kids’ menu they drew on that they made you keep inside your purse.

21. Playdates are Exhausting

Yes, they’re an essential part of the social-emotional development part of childhood, but sometimes entertaining my child is exhausting, and now I must entertain their friend, too?

22. I Don’t Love Volunteering at My Kid’s School

I don’t do it for the teachers or the approval of other parents. I do it because my kids are still at an age where they love it when I come by their class and aren’t embarrassed by it. Yet.

23. Doing Cutesy Hairstyles on My Girls is Starting to Feel Like Too Much

Remember when your kids were little and couldn’t wait for their hair to grow so you could do fun and adorable pigtails, braids, and more? Well, that time has passed here, my friends. Now, they want their hair curled, and momma doesn’t have that much patience—or upper body strength.

24. Screen Time Limits are Super Flexible

Too much screen time isn’t great for adults or kids. But I will do it if I can exchange 20 minutes of tablet time while I’m prepping dinner or folding laundry.

25. Every Summer I Say Maybe to a Lemonade Stand. It’ll Probably Never Happen

Do I want to get my little entrepreneurs excited about running their own businesses? Of course. But we all know what will happen, and I don’t have the time to set up, break down, and run a lemonade stand once they get bored after the first 15 minutes.

26. Sometimes, I Encourage My Kids to Skip Extracurricular Activities

I know, I know, it sounds terrible. As beneficial as participating in team sports and activities is, it’s also vital not to overschedule your kids.

27. My Kid Asking for a Cup When They’re in front of a Clean Dishwasher Primes Me to Totally Snap

Really? Can’t you reach into the dishwasher and grab your cup? Is it partly my fault for always getting everything for them to make things run faster and smoother? Well, yeah. But I draw the line here.

28. Coloring with My Kids in Their Coloring Books is a Favorite Activity

Who says coloring is just for kids? Doing this activity with them is fun, relaxing, and a great conversation starter. Coloring is always a win-win if you want to have a tech-free evening with your littles.

29. I Worry About Passing on my Mental Health Struggles to My Kids

I’ve lived with anxiety and depression from a young age, and I used to be incredibly ashamed about it. But the biggest shame came from not understanding and not talking about it. Fast forward to today, and even though I hope my mental health struggles don’t impact my kids, we do things differently. We hope that even if they struggle, they’ll feel supported instead of shame.

20. I’m Afraid of Not Being as Great as My Kids Think I Am

Fortunately, so far in their lives, I haven’t let my littles down in a significant way. Sure, they hate it when we go to Target and don’t pick up something from the dollar section. And they don’t love it when I say no to having two desserts. But if I’m being honest, one of my biggest fears is the day they realize I’m not supermom.

These mom confessions aren’t anything shocking, I’m sure. They’re simply honest thoughts from a mom who is just trying to figure things out as she goes. Would you add anything to this list?

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