Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About
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Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Learn about Little Bellies healthy baby snacks and their complete lineup of flavored puffed corn products your growing baby will love.

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Published September 29, 2022

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Giving our kids the best and healthiest food is a top priority at Baby Chick. Sometimes preparing the best foods isn’t always quick and convenient. When we’re rushing through our chores or out the door with our little ones by our side, it’s nice to have some easy snacks that we can feel good about. That’s why we absolutely love Little Bellies’ lineup of baby’s first snacks. They’re not just another organic option. Little Bellies is very deliberate with their tastes and textures for each age and stage of a baby’s development because food exploration is of the highest priority to them.

Little Bellies snacks are aimed at three age and stage levels – 7 months and older, 10 months and older, and 12 months and older. Each snack level is specifically designed to encourage children to explore and learn about new foods to help promote the development of their motor skills at every feeding stage. The shapes also encourage them to play with these snacks, which is not a bad thing. It can help them become more adventurous eaters!

Playing and Exploring

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

How many of us were told not to play with our food when we were kids? Well, Little Bellies WANTS your children to play with their food! They believe in doing what’s natural, and play is one thing all children do naturally as a part of their normal development. Playing with food is no different because play is how they learn. And children can benefit so much from pressure-free playful interactions with food. By playing with their food, they learn differences in textures, temperatures, colors, sounds, smells, and, of course, tastes. This can lead to them developing a more relaxed and positive association with various foods.

Little Bellies snacks son a play mat with other baby toys around it.

Made for Babies and Their Parents

Little Bellies were made with not just our babies in mind, but us parents too! The Little Bellies lineup of snacks is great for moms and dads who want to encourage their baby to self-wean. The Baby Bellies snacks are created in suitable sizes and shapes for your baby to pick up and self-feed, fitting right in with babies who are eating purées. They are soft and malleable, and there’s just enough flavor to encourage food exploration.

The more kids can play and explore with their food, the more interested they become in the feeding experience. And the more interested they are in their food, the less picky of an eater they will be with it. Combining this with good quality food is a parent’s dream and something we can feel great about giving our kids as they grow and try new textures and flavors.

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Why We Love Little Bellies

Little Bellies hooked us with their smart snacking options. We love the shapes and the fact that babies develop skills while enjoying fresh foods. Little Bellies has thought of everything! As babies grow and are ready to move to the next step in the Little Bellies line, the snack pieces become smaller to help build those fine motor skills.

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About
Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

And, of course, we are totally into the fact that Little Bellies is certified organic. Little Bellies explains that small amounts of things like arsenic and lead are in water and soil, which can cause trace amounts to get into our food. Being certified organic, Little Bellies does not use pesticides that would increase metal levels and minimize environmental contaminants.

Parents can feel good about serving their baby Little Bellies snacks because they genuinely want their baby’s self-feeding to feel natural. Your baby won’t be overwhelmed with flavor or hard-to-chew big pieces. Little Bellies will be with your baby as they develop, offering simple, healthy snacks.

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Little Bellies Snack for Babies

The Little Bellies snack lineup for babies includes a range of products for seven months and older in their Tasty Textures and for ages 10 months and older in the More to Explore snacks.

Believing every ingredient should have a reason for being there, Little Bellies uses wholesome, plant-based ingredients like organic wheat and corn flour, fruit and vegetable juices, dried fruit and vegetables, and vegetable oils.

  • Tasty Textures introduces new experiences for your baby with large, soft shapes that your little one’s fingers can easily grasp.
  • More to Explore offers smaller-sized shapes with new textures to promote independence in the feeding experience.
Little Bellies Pick-me sticks

New from Little Bellies is their Pick-Me Sticks! These little sticks are made of puffed organic corn and come in three different flavors — strawberry, which can be found at Walmart, and sweet potato and banana are sold at Target. They melt in your baby’s mouth to make it simple to chew and are great for beginners. We’ve found that teething babies particularly love these because they reach their back molars, so not only do they taste good and are easy to hold, but they also help reach those teething gums. Even our older kids like them!

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Little Bellies

For children who are 12 months and older, there are Toddlers in Training “me-sized” snacks.  Toddlers in Training has more adventurous textures, shapes, and flavors for your new toddler. They offer both sweet (Animal Crackers) and savory (Tomato Sticks) options.

What is Little Bellies?

Two brothers with seven young children founded Little Bellies to ensure their children ate the best quality foods, particularly during their formative infant and toddler years. Little Bellies began because of a need. One of the founders’ children was diagnosed with severe food sensitivities, and they realized there were limited snack options.

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Where Can You Get Your Hands on Little Bellies?

You can grab Little Bellies snacks at retailers like:

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Check the Little Bellies website for a location near you.

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