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5 Indoor Play Ideas for Toddlers

Winter can seem like a string of miserable cold days stuck inside, but beat the blues with creative indoor play ideas with Antsy Pants!

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Published January 2, 2018

The winter months can be especially hard on kids who are stuck inside. Boredom levels can go through the roof, and quickly, when it’s too cold or rainy to play outside. Moms are more likely to lose their marbles when bored toddlers who need an outlet aren’t able to burn off that energy. Luckily, we’ve partnered with Antsy Pants to share some fun and easy ways to keep your kiddos entertained indoors!

Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits are the perfect toy to ignite your child’s creativity and keep them entertained for hours. I love these play kits because they are designed to let kids’ imaginations take the lead. The kits are easy to use (with color-coded poles and connectors) and encourage families to build and play together. As a mom, I love their play kits because I can easily put them together and then just as easily take them apart and store them when they’re not being used. This is why we have chosen their kits as our January Product of the Month! You can find them at Target stores (yet another reason to love Target, am I right?).

5 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

1. Set up an indoor market and go shopping

My kids especially love to play “grocery store” with the Antsy Pants Market Stand Kit and Shopping Cart. They set up all of the food and take turns being the grocer and the shopper! I love that they’re developing their social skills and practicing taking turns.

The Importance of Imaginative Play | Baby Chick
The Importance of Imaginative Play | Baby Chick
Antsy Pants, Imaginative Play, baby chick
The Importance of Imaginative Play | Baby Chick

2. Make your living room a train station

My son has the train kit that he absolutely adores, but it’s one of the larger kits so I don’t keep it out all the time. We will set it up for a few hours of fun and then take it back down when the kids are ready to move on to the next fun thing. The kids have a blast setting it up, and it’s so easy to break down and put away–a win-win for mom and kids!

antsy pants, christmas list, toddler christmas, baby chick
antsy pants, train, build and play kit, baby chick

3. Give them their very own ball pit

I know my kids love nothing more than to jump into a huge pile of colorful balls! Usually, this kind of kid-dream-come-true activity would only be available at a gym or indoor playground. This can be a mother’s nightmare since you never know what’s hiding in those ball pits. But Antsy Pants has made this dream a reality with their Build & Play Liner and Play Balls. It’s a fun and cleaner option that will keep kids and mom happy. 🙂

antsy pants, product of the month, baby chick, ball pit

4. Host an indoor Olympics

Combine the Antsy Pants Obstacle Course with other events such as sprints up the stairs, jumping jacks, and tug of war to create your very own family Olympics! Your little ones can help get everything set up and can even color and cut out “medals.” Everyone’s a winner!

antsy pants, indoor play, product of the month, build and play kits, obstacle course

5. Build a fort

Moms have been building their bored kids forts since the dawn of time. It is a tried and true method of entertaining children indoors. Let the kids use the foundation of the Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits as their scaffolding to drape blankets and create their own forts! Kids can use their imaginations like crazy in a good fort. Just give them some flashlights and a good fort and you have hours of fun on your hands.

Being stuck inside during the day can be a frightening prospect for moms of young kids. Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas for keeping your kiddos entertained (and saving a bit of your sanity)! Thankfully we have discovered Antsy Pants and their great imaginative build & play kits to help with this. 🙂

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