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5 Essential Oils to Positively Influence Your Child’s Behavior

ParentingPublished January 30, 2018 Opinion


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My daughter is the definition of strong-willed. She’s driven, opinionated, smart. She is very much of an “I want what I want when I want it” kind of child – and, usually, she will find a way to get that thing she desires, even if we don’t give it to her ourselves.

It has been challenging at times. We are always searching for different ways to channel her personality towards positive actions and outcomes. We’re also very open to different parenting techniques and creative ways to correct her.

And, at the same time, we are huge fans of natural living. We’ve been using essential oils for the past 4 years for every aspect of our lives – physically, emotionally, mentally – you name it, we probably use oils for it. Because they work so well, we have also been using them to help her behave obediently and maturely.

The science behind the power of plants is fascinating.1 They contain chemical constituents that can support your mind, body, and spirit in more ways than one. While there are tons of different herbs and natural remedies out there that can benefit your child’s behavior, we have found that these 5 essential oils have helped our little girl tremendously.


Lavender oil is a great beginner oil to try. It comprises over 100 chemical constituents that can assist the body when adapting to occasional stress, which can relax and calm the mind and body for restful sleep, promote positive emotions, and help keep them calm and cooperative.

This essential oil is extremely gentle to use, even undiluted if you choose, on your child’s skin. We apply this oil to the bottoms of her feet, behind her ears, over her heart, and down her spine. We also love diffusing this oil in her room during bedtime and nap time.


Frankincense is also a must-have oil to use with your kids. It consists of 9 major chemical components that are powerful in supporting restful sleep, calming and relaxing the mind, and keeping their emotions grounded during life situations.

This essential oil is also a gentle-feeling oil, so we don’t dilute with our daughter when applying it to her skin, but dilution could be best if your child has sensitive skin. We will also apply drops of this oil to the bottoms of her feet, over her heart, behind her ears, and down her spine. She loves this oil to be going in her diffuser, too, because she says, “it’s like what Jesus had when he was a baby!”


Vetiver is a strong-smelling essential oil, very pungent yet woodsy. However, it contains dozens of chemical constituents that are great for helping your child focus, pay attention in school, be obedient and respectful to authority, and calm nerves and emotions.

Like Lavender and Frankincense, Vetiver is also mild in feel to the skin but dilute if you have a child prone to topical irritations. Since it has such a strong smell, I only apply this on the bottoms of my daughter’s feet before school. However, if she’s going to be at home all day, I’ll apply to other areas of her skin like her neck, chest, temples, and spine. Diffusing this oil is great to help her behave and focus.


Rosemary has quickly become one of my daughter’s favorite essential oils and one that I don’t mind using on her every day. Its dozens of chemical constituents are great for supporting a good memory, clear thinking, obedient attitude, and calm demeanor. The clearer the thinking, the happier the kid!

This oil is a little more intense in how it feels to the skin, so try diluting on your child. We love applying it over her temples, the back of her neck, down her spine, on her feet, and over her heart.  We also diffuse Rosemary at home during activities that require some mental focus.


Peppermint is familiar and a huge favorite, even among kids. Some professionals say to be careful in using this essential oil with kids under the age of 5 since the aroma is so strong, but if your kid has no problem with the aroma, it’s perfectly fine to use. This oil is excellent for mental sharpness, clear thinking, energy, and uplifting the spirit.

This oil is the most powerful of them all in sensation to the skin, so diluting is encouraged when using on kids. Lace loves the cool feeling it brings when we apply it down her spine, on the back of her neck, and on the bottoms of her feet. Diffusing this oil in the mornings is a great way to help her wake up for school.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Raising kids is beautiful, terrifying, joyous, and trying. All of us mommas need all the help we can get, and if there’s something natural out there that is safe and can help all of us stay sane – I’m all about it!

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