How to Create a Family Mission Statement for Your Home

How to Create a Family Mission Statement for Your Home

ParentingPublished February 24, 2020

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


When I found out I was pregnant with my third son, my mind began thinking about my life as a mother of boys. And, more specifically, the privilege of raising them with my husband. I consider being a boy mom a privilege, a challenge, and a blessing. I say challenge not because my husband and I are raising boys. No, that is our norm. And that is all we know. Instead, I use the word challenge because we consider that role a serious one. We don’t just want to raise boys that become men. We want to raise boys that become men of character.

Our Family Mission Statement

I don’t like to do anything without purpose in my life. And I look to this role as my most important role thus far. So my husband and I developed a mission statement before our third son’s birth that outlines the type of sons we aim to raise. And if you know us, you know we have not fully arrived at any of these statements. But if you know us, you also know we have many more glimpses of these statements becoming our reality one day when our sons are older. And that blesses me as a mom, and that blesses my husband to think about and observe.

So for something fun this Father’s Day, I encourage you and your partner to write out one of your own for your household, whether you are single, married, or married with children. And if you happen to have all boys and like this one, by all means, print mine here. Then find somewhere in your house to hang it so it can inspire you on easy days. And the rough ones.

If you are a girl mom or have a mix of both genders, I would love for you to share with me what family mission statement you come up with in your house. Enjoy!

two boys riding side by side in a stroller

In this house, we raise boys.

Boys who like to wrestle but know how to hug

Boys who love Jesus and are never scared to let others know He loves them too

Boys who care about others but who don’t care too much about what others think

Boys who know that no matter how much or how little they have, they are never above or below anyone

Boys who prefer to play in the mud all day, every day but can run a vacuum when the floor is calling

Boys who can speak their mind with confidence but know when to be quiet and listen even if they disagree

Boys who find women beautiful and charming but know the best way to treat them is with respect and care

Boys that prefer peace to fighting but will stand up to a bully for a friend or brother

Boys that know that sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest but still decide to do what is right

Boys that love others boldly because they know Jesus loves them despite any mistake or imperfection they may have

Boys who respect and admire their father in a way young men do but honor their mother’s wishes even when their father is not watching

Boys that will be independent enough to sow their wild oats but never too old for a kiss from their mom

Boys that shake hands with a firm grip and look adults in the eye during conversation

Boys who open doors for ladies and pick up bags when they see someone in need despite their schedule

Boys that know they are forgiven when mistakes happen but are prepared to make repairs when necessary

Boys who never forget their identity is from Christ and no one else, despite anything this world may tell them

In this house, we raise boys.

Boys who one day will become men.

Men who not only make us proud but men who make the world a better place because they are in it.

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