Jacky Costello

Jacky Costello is the founder and owner of Custom Cleanups LLC, a house cleaning company serving the greater Tampa Bay area. During her early days in East Germany before the wall came down and her time in school and the workforce in West Germany, she learned many of life’s tough lessons. But, it was after she had found happiness with her husband and the birth of their son that she faced the toughest challenges of all. After beating cancer, suffering unimaginable loss, and moving to Florida she finally found the missing pieces and created a life she didn’t even know she was missing. Through her company’s partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, she gives back to others who are battling cancer like she did, and, through her book, she hopes to inspire others who may be facing similar challenges. Jacky currently resides in Lithia, FL with her husband Wes and her son Dean.