Summer Forever! Baby Chick’s Guide to One of our Favorite Seasons


Summer Forever! Baby Chick’s Guide to One of our Favorite Seasons

Oh, summertime. From the beach to the pool to the Fourth of July — it’s fairly easy to see why it’s one of our favorite seasons. Isn’t it? Come on, littles love summer. Mommies and daddies love summer. It’s basically a win-win. And we are all about making memories. Here are a few ways my little family plans to keep cool in the Texas heat, and make this the #sweetestsummerever!


1. Put on your swimsuits and spend an afternoon running through the sprinklers.

2. Host a Backyard BBQ.

3. Make lemonade: one batch for the kiddies and one for the adults!


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4. Ride a ferris wheel.

5. Go on a Road Trip.

6. Attend a local sporting event. Go Astros!

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7. Have an all day Netflix movie marathon. Jammies and popcorn are a must!


8. Have a water balloon fight.

9. Beat the heat: spend the day at the museum or the aquarium.

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10. Visit a winery or brewery. Leave the kiddos home with the grandparents! Wink.

11. Host a neighborhood Fajitas + Margaritas Night.

12. Make homemade popsicles. Yum!

13. Collect seashells at the beach.

14. Blow bubbles.

15. Host a Backyard Mini Olympics. Watch the games in Rio as a family.

16. Treat the littles to a “Night Swim.”

17. Play in the rain. We have plenty in Houston!

18. Watch Fourth of July Fireworks.

19. Check out Story Time at your local library or bookstore.

20. Host a Family Game Night.

21. Sign up for Swim Lessons.

22. Take the kiddos Back to School shopping. Make it a special event!

Did we miss anything? What activities top your family’s Summer Bucket List? We’d love to hear! Feel free to share in the comments section below, and don’t forget to tag us in your best summer photos. Use the hashtag #summerwiththebabychicks when sharing to social media. You might even get a re-share!


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