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4 Low-Maintenance Pets That Teach Kids About Life

Let's face it. At some point, your kid is going to ask for a pet. Here are 4 low maintenance pets that will help teach valuable life lessons.

Published January 7, 2021

by Jonathan David

Reptile Keeper and Wildlife Biologist

If you have children, chances are they are begging for a pet of some kind! However, as a parent, you may not have the time for a puppy or a kitten, which is totally understandable! Pets require commitment, attention, care, and responsibility, making them an excellent idea for younger children.1

Pets can help children learn about life by caring for another being, in which they learn to be delicate and responsible. It also gives children a sense of accomplishment when they see their new and loved pet in a wonderful environment. Low-maintenance pets are an excellent option for your wee ones. But which one to choose?

There are so many options for so many reasons. However, we have selected our top four pets, which we recommend to help teach your children about life while also keeping the stress off your back!

Let’s take a look . . .

4 Low-Maintenance Pets for Kids

1. Turtles

These are a fun option for first-time tiny pet owners. Turtles are adorable, small, and also turt-ally low-maintenance pets. Caring for turtles is fun and easy. They only require a clean home, some affection, food, and, of course, water. Children have fun feeding their turtle and love handling such a unique species.

Be sure to research your turtle species – some are super easy to care for and make a great option for beginner pet parents; others are a little more hands-on! We recommend the low-maintenance species for children. We recommend breeds such as the Bog Turtle, which only grows to four inches! Or perhaps the cheaper Loggerhead Turtle is also small, reaching three to five inches.

2. Fish

Pet fish are a fantastic first-pet option for children; these little animals are often the number one choice. Fish are easy to care for and are definitely low maintenance compared to a puppy or a kitten. Fishes don’t take up much room, as they live in their aquarium, which your children can decorate, making this an even more exciting experience.

Setting up a fish tank is very easy and requires little ongoing maintenance, especially if you opt for an extra water filter to clean the water. Your children can have a fab time feeding their pet fish – all they need to do is remember to sprinkle a little bit of food into their tank in the morning and the evening. If you wish, you can also purchase an automatic feeder (just in case they forget!). However, you can still give them the responsibility of feeding them.

The upside is that you can purchase all sorts of fish – there are so many species and colors. Some are super pretty to look at, which your children will adore.

3. Hamsters

Hamsters are adorable, small, and relatively low maintenance compared to other pets. They also don’t require the company of another critter of the same species (like rabbits and guinea pigs do), which also lowers their maintenance requirements – one is always easier than two! Hamsters only require a secure cage indoors (this can be kept just about anywhere, and your children may opt for their little buddy to reside in their bedroom), food, water, and a little bit of exercise.

Hamsters are a great option for children as they teach them about responsibility and how to be delicate with smaller beings. Their need for a clean cage also allows your children to help with some chores. It is a chore that won’t be as boring as washing the dishes or taking out the trash since they are making a nice and clean home for their furry and tiny best friend.

4. Tarantula

Tarantulas aren’t for every parent – but some younger children find these creepy crawlies quite cool! Tarantulas are a unique pet that is low maintenance and teaches children about responsibility while also teaching them that not every insect or crawly is as scary as they seem. They are great for preventing unwanted phobias!

Tarantulas don’t require much space or time; they just need some food, a clean home, water, and some terrarium accessories if you please. Setting up a terrarium is fun for children – they love designing spaces for their new pets. It may also help teach them the value of a clean and warm home.

Tarantulas also teach children to be delicate with smaller beings as they are a little bit fragile (but not so much so that your little ones can’t handle them). Tarantulas are super easy to feed; some only require two feedings PER WEEK! This takes less stress off you as a parent – let’s just hope the spider doesn’t escape . . .


Pets can be a handful. However, they are still an excellent option for young children as they help teach them about responsibility and care and make them feel great! Low-maintenance pets are the best option for beginners and first-time mini-pet owners. I recommend pets such as fish, turtles, hamsters, or even the cool and creepy Tarantula!

Children learn to take on responsibility through feeding, cleaning, and caring for pets while feeling joy and a sense of accomplishment. It’s never too early to open your heart and home to a new little being for your mini loved ones; which one would you choose?

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