How We Potty Trained in One Day


Potty training is such an awesome milestone and huge accomplishment for your child. And for you as a parent! When I potty trained my son I spent hours reading books and researching online endlessly. Then I took all the information I learned and came up with a method that worked amazingly well – our son was potty trained in ONE DAY. A BIG thank you to the moms who shared their tips and experience to… Read More

Potty training is such an awesome milestone and huge accomplishment for your child. And for you as a parent! When I potty trained my son I spent hours reading books and researching online endlessly. Then I took all the information I learned and came up with a method that worked amazingly well – our son was potty trained in ONE DAY.

A BIG thank you to the moms who shared their tips and experience to help me come up with the below method in addition to what I learned from Lora Jensen’s 3 Day Potty Training book.

What to Expect:

  • Quicker and Easier: For me, I expected potty training to be harder than it was and to take much longer. But with this said, I was 100% all in. It was only about poop, pee, and potty for one day straight. When you are committed to potty training and your focus is solely on this, the results are much better.
  • Accidents: Yes, there will be accidents – a lot of them . . . especially on the first day.
  • To be Proud: Expect to be so proud of your little one when they actually go tinkle in the potty, even that first little drop. If any pee reaches the potty it’s such an exciting feeling. When your toddler starts to ask for the potty, it fills you with such happiness and pride; your baby is growing up and accomplishing a major milestone.

My Day One Results:

Here’s what I posted on Facebook to report my day one results:

Potty Training results!! I’m simply amazed. Yesterday was day one of potty training. By the afternoon until bed not one accident! Vasya told me every time he had to go and we zipped him onto the potty and he went. Three poos yesterday and 8 pees on the potty. This morning another pee on the potty and when I was taking this photo of the potty seat Vasya climbed up by himself and went #2. Sorry for all the potty talk but I’m so excited!! 

So how did I do it?

How to Potty Train in One Day

1. Wait until your child is ready.

Our son was 2 years and 4 months old when we potty trained in one day. We had just been traveling to visit my in-law’s over the summer which involved a nine hour plane ride so we decided to stay in diapers for the trip.

Over the summer we noticed some signs he was ready to be potty trained:

  • He said a word for pee, “teta,” and “kaka” for poo.
  • Our son started to tell me every time he peed or pooed in his diaper.
  • He had a good understanding of two and three step instructions. “Vasya, see that red block? Please go get it and place it on your tower.”
  • Our son didn’t talk yet . . . only some words but enough to communicate.

2. Talk about potty training.

For a few weeks before we started potty training I said, “Soon mama will teach you to go potty on the toilet like mama and papa. No more diapers!”

3. Order underwear 1-2 weeks before.

My ALL-TIME favorite organic potty training pants are from ZOOCCHINI.

I love these underwear because:

  • Fun Bright colors and beyond adorable designs – your toddler’s bum will never look SO CUTE!
  • Elevated embroideries and extra layers of double sided terry for SUPER ABSORBENCY – makes those oops moments better especially early in the potty training stage when you venture out of the house for the first time!
  • Organic cotton

I have nine pairs of ZOOCCHINI organic potty training pants for toddlers, but we also got some underwear at Target so Vasya could choose his potty training pants from the store the day before and be more part of the process of becoming a big boy.

4. Choose a potty.

I love this potty seat with the ladder that goes right on the big toilet! Super easy to put together, sturdy, cute, and foldable. Easy to clean too. I did not like the idea of a portable, little potty – no way to flush the mess! So we used the regular potty with this special seat with a ladder. I love the handles on the sides too. My son can independently climb up by himself.

How to Potty Train in One Day | Baby Chick

5. Set aside three days.

Set aside three days in a row where you will focus on potty, pee and poop ONLY. Especially day one you really need to plan to be with your child all day playing, reading, etc. Close to the potty! And don’t leave the house with your little one just yet.

6. Go commando.

I was researching online and read the recommendation to just put my child in a big tee shirt and no underwear. I thought no way! So I started potty training with underwear and he peed in them A LOT. Underwear feels like a diaper so when I removed the underwear it was SO MUCH better.

We started using underwear on day three.

How to Potty Train in One Day | Baby Chick

7. Wave “bye-bye: to diapers.

The morning of day one when your toddler wakes up, take the diaper off right away and have your child throw it away and say “bye bye diapers. I’m a big boy now!”

8. Say this phrase CONSTANTLY.

“If you have to go pee or poop in the potty let mama know. Okay?” Seriously, say this every two to five minutes. You see toddlers will forget about the potty and pee wherever they are just like they are used to with a diaper on, but if you constantly remind them, they remember to tell you they need to go.

Never ask, “Do you have to go to the potty?” Your child will just say no even if they have to. By saying, “Let me know if you need to go poop or pee in the potty” gives the child the decision to let you know.

9. Accidents happen.

Accidents will happen. A LOT. When they do happen it’s very important to remain calm, but you can express disappointment. No yelling. When there’s an accident it’s very important to say, “You had an accident. Pee and poop go in the potty. Let’s clean up.” Say this with some disappointment in your voice, but never yelling.

If you catch your child peeing or pooping, run to the potty. Even if just one drop that gets in the potty celebrate BIG!

Be mindful of where your toddler is sitting – you may want to cover your furniture with plastic bags and towels.

10. Celebrate big, but no bribes.

It’s common to give a reward like candy or a sticker when your child goes on the potty but this can backfire. My friend gave her daughter an M&M every time she went on the potty and it worked for them, but it was pretty funny, the little girl started to pretend to go potty just to get an M&M – how cute is this?!

So it’s best to not give any reward every time they go. Eventually there is no more excitement around the reward or they will just want the reward without going on the potty.

For us we praised Vasya A LOT when he went in the potty and we had a celebration dance. First, we created HUGE excitement. “You did it! You went pee/poop in the potty! I’m so proud of you. You’re a big boy now! Wow, you did it! Good job.” Then we would take out our special potty toy and dance. We used this awesome multi-sense trumpet toy from People Toy Company (we love their educational and unique toys for toddlers!).

After our little trumpet music session and dance, the special potty toy is put away for the next potty party, but the excitement and celebration didn’t stop there . . .

Next we would call Grammie to share the news and tell Papa too. Make it a huge deal. This is enough to motivate kids to go in the potty.

11. The timer is your best friend.

Set the timer every 10 minutes for the first two hours of day one. When it goes off it’s time to sit on potty.

Sit for a few minutes.

For the rest of the day we set the timer for every 20 minutes and went on the potty.

By the afternoon of day one he was telling me every time he needed to go potty, but we still did timer.

On day two we did not do the timer, but depending on how well your child does you may want to use the timer for the first three days. On day two and three we continued to remind him every 20 minutes, “If you have to pee or poop on the potty let mama know.”

If your child is still having accidents on day two and three, use the timer.

12. Venture outside of the house.

Be prepared to keep your child home while potty training and if you are doing the training this means you stay home too.

When your child is asking to go potty for a whole day or two, it’s time to venture outside of the house. We walked to the park the first time and my son actually had an accident. We changed his clothes and said, “You had an accident. Pee and poop goes in the potty. When we are not home there’s not always a potty so you have to hold it until we find a potty, okay?”

The next time we went to the grocery store and no accidents! I used our ZOOCCHINI underwear for the stores or longer trips because they are way more absorbent than any other underwear – especially the ones you find at the big stores.

13. Handle sleep time differently.

Use a diaper for naps and night sleep, and when your child has 7 straight nights with a dry diaper, it’s time to use underwear for sleep time too!

The above not working? Every child is different, and not all will be potty trained in one day. Know that your child will eventually be potty trained. If you try this method for a week and there are still a lot of accidents, then it may not be time to potty train. Wait a month and try again 🙂

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