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Get Ready For Target’s Annual Car Seat Trade-In Event

Get ready for Target's annual car seat trade-in event for 2023, going on later this month. Read here for all the details!

Updated April 4, 2023

One of the best things about having your “village” along with you on your parenting journey is that Target is also there. And not just because they have Starbucks in the store, the best Dollar Spot ever, and endless throw pillows that bring you joy when filling the rest of your cart with diapers and wipes. But also because Target’s annual car seat trade-in for 2023 legit makes our lives much easier. And guess what, Mama? It’s happening this month.

Target’s Annual Car Seat Trade-In Event: How It Works

Here’s how Target’s annual car seat trade-in for 2023 works.

  • Bring an old car seat or base to your nearest Target and drop it off in the designated box inside the store.
  • Scan the code on the box via your Target app.
  • Use your app to find your 20% offer in the Baby category (plus more savings)
  • Click the + to save your offer. You can place your order online or scan the barcode at the register to make your next purchase in the store.

Visit Target in person or online for more information.

Other Important Information About Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Event

Here are some other things to know about Target’s annual car seat trade-in for 2023.

What Can You Trade In?

Drop off any infant car seat, convertible car seat, car seat base, harness, or booster — all car seat brands — even if the item is expired or has been in an accident. They’ll take it, and you’ll still get 20% off. (See? This is the VILLAGE.)

When is the Event?

The event runs from Sunday, April 16, through Saturday, April 29.

What Can You Buy with Your 20% Off Coupon?

Lots of things! According to, participants can shop in person or online and use their discount code to purchase a new car seat, car seat base, travel system, stroller, or select baby home gear. Select baby home gear includes playards, high chairs, swings, bouncers, rockers, walkers, entertainers, and jumpers.

When Does the Coupon Expire?

You can shop with your 20% off code until May 13. And bonus: The coupon can be combined with other offers and redeemed TWICE!

Why Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Is So Important

First of all, Target is helping us purge our homes of unwanted or unusable items and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. “Materials from the old car seats will be recycled by Target’s partners to create new products such as pallets, plastic buckets, and construction materials such as steel beams and carpet padding,” according to

Also, this event isn’t new. There’s a good chance, especially if you’re a veteran mom like me, that you’ve participated in this fantastic trade-in before (or at least heard of it). That’s because Target has been running their annual car-seat trade-in event since 2016, with 2.19 million car seats – or 32.9 million pounds of car seat material — being recycled.

And that’s why we love them and are so grateful they’re a part of our village. Not only does Target make cleaning out our homes easier and take some of the financial burdens off us when purchasing new and often expensive baby items, but they also work hard to make this planet healthier for our kids.

Target is smart — they know what matters to us. Coupons, and anything else that makes our lives easier and a better world for our children. Their famous annual car seat trade-in event covers all three. And that’s why so many of us are #TargetMomsForLife.

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