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Girl Moms Extraordinaire…A Look into Life with Girls

motherhoodUpdated August 4, 2020

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


The other day a friend of mine posted on Facebook, “I see shirts and posts quite often about being a boy mom. I know that is a special thing with its own set of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. But what about shirts or posts for moms of girls? I think being a parent of any type of child is special in its own way and all parents can use some encouragement!” Well I couldn’t agree more with my friend’s sentiment, so today I am here to talk about girls! And the ins and outs of raising them!

While your chances of having a boy for any pregnancy is slightly higher, there is really just a 50/50 chance of whether you have a boy or a girl. As much as some of us would love to pick the gender of our next baby, being a girl mom is still just luck of the draw!

So for those who are pregnant with a girl or hoping for a girl, here is some insight into life with girls, from none other than moms who have little girls! (Although, some of these moms have a boy too!) I asked them three simple questions to get a peek into their world with daughters and here is what they had to say.

What do you like most about having girls?


“I absolutely love being a girl mom! I always knew I wanted at least two girls but wasn’t opposed to having a boy, I just wanted my daughters to have each other, a sister! I wanted them to have a bond that would carry them through life and all that happens along the way.” Esther, mother of 2 girls

Girly Fun


“I love all the girlyness, bows, clothes, dress-up dresses, sparkles, which is actually funny because when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was very opposed to too much pink and princess stuff, but it grows on you!” -Julie, mother of 2 girls

Mommy/Daughter Bonding

“I love that we can go shopping together. I also love talking with her. She is so curious and wants to learn about everything. I also love to do the dressing up stuff. She is in cheer now so we get to do the cheer hair and make-up, which we get to learn together.” -Michele, mother of 1 girl

Their Relationship with Daddy

“My favorite thing about all girls is watching daddy melt into a puddle and be wrapped around a girl’s finger for the first time ever.” -Tyler, mother of 3 girls

“My husband always says he has loved having all girls because he is always their king, prince and hero!” –Krista, mother of 3 girls

The Shared Experience

“My favorite thing about having girls is watching them experience some of the same things I did as a little girl such as dance, gymnastics, soccer, Barbies, dolls, etc., but in their own unique way. We have shared experiences, and it is pretty awesome.” –Lori, mother of 3 girls

“I love the fact that I can relate to them, as a girl. Physically emotionally and spiritually!”Amy, mother of 2 girls

What do you find to be most challenging about raising girls?


“These girls are being raised in a world where skin wins and I am a modest momma!” -Tyler, mother of 3 girls

Mean Girls

“Starting in Kindergarten, the girl cattiness started. My daughter would come home and tell me who the mean girls were. It is very hard to explain to a child why some girls feel the need to be mean to others and how she should respond to them.” -Michele, mother of 1 girl


“I feel the most challenging thing is … to instill and drill in to my girls’ minds that no matter what, they are pretty and good inside and out.” -Amanda, mother of 2 girls


Something I don’t like all the drama. Drama drama drama! Girls have a tendency to cry, A lot! If they can’t find that favorite toy, they cry. If they can’t find the perfect shirt, they cry. If they can’t find their favorite cartoon on TV, they cry. If they find a freckle on their body that wasn’t there the day before, they cry! They are very emotional to say the least.” -Amy, mother of 2 girls

Body Image


“What gets me is certain fears about how to discuss certain topics such as weight or puberty…we to have discussions about red light and green light foods and proper food portions and never about weight. It is so hard having any discussions like weight or looks because girls get it from their peers at such a young age. So as a parent you do not want to add to that.” -Michele, mother of 1 girl

Similarities to Mom

“The most challenging thing is that they have some of my personality flaws so we argue sometimes. It can be hard to be the adult sometimes and I really worry about when they are teens. It helps me see myself in a new light though!” -Lori, mother of 3 girls


The amount of clothes! My girls change clothes more in a day than MTV music awards’ show hosts. This is why my 13-year-old has to do all of her own laundry!” -Tyler, mother of 3 girls


“Right now with my 4-year-old it is her attitude/sassiness. Trying to teach her to be kind and compassionate and loving when dealing with her sister and me!” -Julie, mother of 2 girls

What do you feel is a girl stereotype that needs to be broken?

Strong Girls


“I think a stereotype that needs to be broken is that girls are the weaker being. The fact is, we are all weak and we are all strong in our own unique way.” -Stephanie, mother of 2 girls

The Pink Stereotype

The stereotype that needs broke is that “all girls wear pink and love princesses and dolls” ! Mine does not like either and we have such a hard time getting away from it everywhere we go. Even just buying toothbrushes or sheets or cups, etc. It’s so girls or boys with the themes. Superheroes or Cars vs. Princesses. A lot of times, I have to get her the boy versions of things. She doesn’t play much dress up or have any dolls but people still feel the need to try and get her those things because they think she needs to have them.” -Jackie, mother of 1 girl

Girls Can Like Science

“One girl stereotype that is starting to be broken is that girls can be into science and engineering type things. My girls are learning to be really good problem solvers.” -Lori, mother of 3 girls

Girls Can Burp Too!

“They are gross too! They fart, burp and pick their boogers. I would put my girls against any boy, any day.”Esther, mother of 2 girls

No Limits

“One thing that I try to teach my girls is that they can do or be anything they want. I have heard my oldest say I wish I could do that, but it is for boys. We encourage our girls to go beyond what they feel is allowed and do what they want and are comfortable with…even if they feel it is made for boys only!” -Amanda, mother of 2 girls

After hearing different perspectives from mothers of girls, I think it becomes obvious that raising girls is different in every household! Some girls fit the mold of what society thinks of them, they like pink and quietly playing with dolls, and some completely break that mold! Clearly, raising girls has things that are beautiful and things that are equally challenging! And moms of girls deserve props and encouragement as they navigate such an important job as raising the women of the next generation. Because as Beyonce says, “Who runs the world??? GIRLS!” 😉

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