Zap Away the Germs with UviCube

Zap Away the Germs with UviCube | Baby Chick

Zap Away the Germs with UviCube

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. It’s easy to forget that Germs. Are. Everywhere. As parents, it is our sworn duty to protect our precious snowflakes from anything that could cause them unnecessary harm. This includes all the bad germs. Most of us realize that allowing our children to eat candy off of the floor of a public bathroom is a really bad idea. But did you know that some viruses, such as Hepatitis A and the Rotavirus — which can cause severe intestinal infections in babies and children — can remain viable on toys and other surfaces your little one comes into contact with for WEEKS after exposure? Probably not.

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The threat goes way beyond doorknobs, kitchen counters, and toilet seats. Researchers say your cell phone is “likely to be the single dirtiest object in your home.” According to one U.K. study, E.Coli was found on 16% of participants’ phones. Believe it or not, remote controls, computer keyboards, and salt and pepper shakers harbor enough germs to be classified as health risks. Can you say gross? Unfortunately, your infant’s developing immune system cannot dispose of said germs as quickly and efficiently as yours can. Infants can quickly become overwhelmed by infections, and are at risk of developing potentially life-threatening complications. #scarystuff. Not to mention, babies take longer to eliminate germs and toxins. The kidneys and liver (which assist in this process) take five to 16 months to reach full functionality. So what’s a concerned parent like you and me to do?


Introducing the UviCube…

UviCube, Babies and germs, Sanitization, UV light

The UviCube is the first of its kind to dry, store, and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces exposed to UV light. It works on obvious baby items like bottles, nipples, and pacifiers. It can also sanitize electronics, cell phones, toys, and basically any other stuff that baby cannot live without — but we know can attract and hold-on-to germs. (Is there anything a baby won’t put in her mouth?) Because it doesn’t use moisture or heat, it can sanitize almost anything. And let me tell you, as a new mom of three (married to a licensed safety professional nonetheless), this has made life much more manageable.

I really (hashtag really, really) wish the UviCube had been around when my first daughter was born. It even dries the bottles before sanitizing them, saving you that extra step — and also helping to eliminate pesky countertop clutter. This may be one of my favorite functions! (I am a neat freak, and I am not afraid to admit it.)

The UviCube holds up to seven bottles and their accessories. It features a handy dandy LCD screen that displays the remaining time (among other features), and high quality, UL-rated electronic components and materials. Plus, it has an auto shut-off mechanism for safety. A mini tablet fits perfectly on the tray inside the UviCube; how awesome is that?! And the sleek, modern design is sure to work in any kitchen. I will come clean; this feature was important to me. You feel me, Mommy Chicks? 😉 We highly recommend the UviCube on the basis of form AND function!

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Here’s How It Works

First, wash bottles and other baby products in warm, soapy water. Rinse well. Shake off any excess water to maximize the drying function. Next, load everything into the UviCube being careful not to stack items inside — surfaces need as much exposure to UV light as possible to effectively eliminate the germs. Finally, select the desired cycle and press start. Make sure the door is shut completely, or it won’t work!


UviCube, Babies and germs, Sanitization, UV light

UviCube, Babies and germs, Sanitization, UV light

See how simple that was? You will have three cycles to choose from. Dry+UV gives you 35 minutes of drying time, plus 10 minutes of sanitization. The creators of UviCube recommend this cycle for items such as bottles, sippy cups, teething toys, and utensils. You also have the option to select 10 Minutes of Sanitizing. This cycle is recommended for items that do not need drying, or are sensitive to heat and moisture. Like remote controls, cell phones, and other electronics. The final option, Five Minutes of Circulation, is for when you feel you need extra drying time, or ventilation between uses.

What is UV Light, and why is it so effective? 

UV light (or ultraviolet rays) is a form of energy that isn’t visible to the human eye. The sun is a major source of ultraviolet rays, emitting three types of ultraviolet light: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. The first two (A and B) naturally reach the earth’s surface, and can cause sunburns. The latter, UV-C, is stopped at the ozone layer where it is absorbed. Scientists say UV-C breaks the molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA and destroys them. This, they say, disrupts vital cellular functions, effectively killing them. Pretty cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to give this a try?

If you had a complicated or high-risk pregnancy, your baby may experience additional setbacks in early immune function. The creators of UviCube also say that babies born prematurely, or who require intensive hospital care after birth are at a greater risk of developing hospital-acquired infections. They say (and these guys have personal experience with this topic), that after bringing baby home from the NICU, it’s sensible to take additional sanitizing precautions. We could not agree more.


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We believe every baby deserve the best possible start. And sometimes this includes being a “little overzealous.” Because if there is anything we’ve learned over these too-short parenting years, it’s that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially when baby is concerned.

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