2015 Winter Bucket List


2015 Winter Bucket List

A mere two years ago I gave birth just ten days before Christmas. My husband and I snuggled up in my hospital bed watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” as our newborn baby slept soundly swaddled in his bassinet at our side. I was completely overcome with the most intense flooding of joy for the best early Christmas gift that I am certain I will ever receive. It truly is a wonderful life!

Since then, I vowed to make the whole season celebratory! To make new traditions for our little family as well as carry on the old ones. Thus, our family Winter Bucket List was born. Sitting down to create it and crossing things off has become something we all look forward to annually. Today, I’m sharing a winter bucket list that I hope will inspire you to grab the ones you love and make some priceless memories this season with 14 festive ideas for a very merry CHICKmas!


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