Who are the Chick Contributors: Lanie Towsley


Who are the Chick Contributors: Lanie Towsley

Hi, y’all..Lanie, here!

I’m a momma (to an adorable little boy named Fischer) a wife (to a dashing husband named Douglas), and a teacher (to more awesome students than I can count).

In need of a trivia partner? I’m your girl. A self-proclaimed history-geek who is often found with my nose buried in a work of non-fiction or scrolling through articles on PBS.org or Wikipedia (I know, I know..not always the most legit purveyor of truth) I’m a formidable foe at game night.


Looking for me in my spare time? It’s possible I am; running around with chasing after Fischer anywhere and everywhere, practicing my Pilates craft, creating or trying new recipes for my little family, “dating” my foodie husband, or sipping on vino, and soaking up sunshine with my best gals. A day where all of these things are combined? Perfection.


Recently, I’ve taken my personal health and wellness journey to a new level and am working towards certifications in health coaching and Pilates. Since becoming a mother almost two years ago, I’ve been inspired and encouraged to work within the maternal health field. It’s amazing where life leads you..I never envisioned myself launching a career in that arena yet here I am and I’m SO excited to help mommas achieve their personal goals during pregnancy and beyond! Which leads me to…

Baby Chick! I love that Nina’s vision and mission aim to motivate and educate moms at all stages of motherhood in so many different areas. I can’t wait to share my musings on fitness and health (well, among other things) with all of the chic(k) moms out there and especially to focus on finding balance in your life as you showcase your many stylish “hats”. Further, Baby Chick provides an online community for mothers to learn and grow with one another and I’m thrilled to be a small part of that.


Since Mother’s Day Month is HERE, I’m sharing some of the ideas I collected and sent to my hubby as wonderful options for gifts this year! Maybe you’ll find something you need to add to your list.

Lanie Gift Guide 2 copy

  1. Cire Trudon candle. Feeling royal? Take a whiff of the scent crafted especially for Marie Antionette, “Trianon”. Just don’t suggest anyone eat cake.
  2. Piper Heidsieck Rose Champagne. My motto? Rosé all day, y’all! Bubbles in your glass, bubbles in your bath. Yep.
  3. My New Roots by Sarah Britton. Already an avid reader of her blog, I can’t wait to thumb through the pages of gorgeous photos of delicious and seasonal plant-based recipes in her first book!
  4. Yoga Mat. Whether at home or at the studio, this mat will make any position comfortable. Get it, girl.
  5. Inspiration notebook. Adorable designs and the perfect size, a notebook from May is the best place to jot down those inspirational ideas and thoughts that pop into your head!
  6. Panama Hat. Houston is sunny. And hot. And humid. Which means I need to keep my face covered and my curly hair in check. AND look good doing it.
  7. My Kids are My Cardio: For the days I can’t fit in a work out..we head to the park.  This tee is absolutely perfect!
  8. Travel bag/Diaper bag. This bright and cheerful bag will having you begging for the beach in no time.
  9. Herb and vegetable seeds and vertical herb garden. Avoid that “Oh crud” moment when you realize you forgot the fresh _insert herb_ and create your own garden with your faves!
  10. Toms perforated sneakers. Comfort and style all rolled into one as I chase my son from one spot to the next.


Feel free to leave some love in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear from you!




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  • Kerry
    October 17, 2016

    But what is # 11 on your list? Inquiring minds want to know, pretty lady.

    • Lanie Towsley
      October 17, 2016

      hahahaha!! Well, sister of mine, #9 and #11 go together, it’s the box for the vertical herb garden!

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