What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Baby Registry

setting up a baby registry

By Nina Spears

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One of the most exciting yet the most stressful tasks to do when you’re pregnant is to create your baby registry. There is so much to think about and consider. Which products do you want to add? Have you researched each product option that is best for you, your baby, and your lifestyle? Which store(s) should you register at? What are the things that you do not need and can skip on? It can get overwhelming and most likely you don’t know where to start.

As a baby planner, I’ve tested a lot of products. In addition, I have helped a lot of people set up their baby registries. Over the years baby registries have evolved, and there is now a baby registry that does it all and makes it easier for every expecting parent–Babylist.

I’m sharing all of the reasons why I have been recommending them for many years to my clients and why I chose Babylist for my own baby registry when I was pregnant with my son. It really made the whole process a lot of fun for me, it was easy to manage, and simple for my friends and family to use and order from.

What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

What is Babylist?

Babylist is a online universal baby registry. What does that mean?It means you can add any item from any store, along with unconventional items as well. Also, request gifts and unconventional items from all over the web. Like items on Etsy, your local boutique, diaper service subscriptions, home cooked meals, babysitting services, etc.

What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

Here’s a good analogy . . . it’s like a Pinterest board. Create your board (your baby registry). Add pins (products you want), you can find pins on the site (Babylist will show you items that are frequently registered for from their shop). And you can add a button to easily add pins to your board (Babylist has an “Add to Babylist” button) that you can install so you can easily add anything from anywhere to your baby registry. Pretty cool, right?

What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

Why Use Babylist?

There are several reasons why millions of families are choosing Babylist to create their baby registries. Here’s 17 reasons why you should too:

  1. Add anything from anywhere:

    As I mentioned before, you can put any item from any store on your Babylist registry. Want a custom coming home outfit? Maybe a particular baby wrap or co-sleeper? No problem!What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

  2. Add meaningful and helpful gifts:

    There are certain gifts that you normally can’t register for. However, at Babylist you can. You can add things like newborn photography, home cooked meals, dog walking, a postpartum doula, and more. They even have help and favor coupons.

  3. Start cash funds:

    Babylist allows you to start cash funds for things you’d like. For example, diaper fund, college fund, etc. In addition, Babylist transfers the money that is gifted through your baby registry straight to your bank account. It’s really great for group gifting too for big ticket items! So if you want the top of the line travel system, several friends can pitch in!

  4. Register at anytime and from anywhere:

    You can use your desktop to add items to your registry or you can use their iOS or Android apps to register from anywhere.What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

  5. Support indie shops and makers:

    I mentioned this before. But you can add cute, custom products from any shop, including online shops to your registry. See something on Etsy that you like? Or something from your favorite indie designer? Not to worry, you can add them to your Babylist registry with no problem.

  6. Super easy to use:

    Babylist works just like Pinterest. And is simple to use and easy to understand.

  7. You can add your partner:

    If your partner or baby planner also wants to add things to the baby registry, they can! Just share the registry with them.

  8. Add private categories:

    If there are items that you would like to add to your registry but you don’t want to share with the world, Babylist has a privacy category. Just find “Private” in the dropdown menu as you edit your items and they’ll be invisible to your guests.

  9. Add or link to your existing registries:

    If you happened to already register somewhere else, not to worry. You can easily combine them with your Babylist registry and keep all of your items in one place. Also, your friends and family will be grateful that you will only have one link to look for items instead of several shop links.

  10. You’ll receive price change alerts:

    I love that Babylist sends email alerts when there are price changes or availability updates to items on your baby registry. So cool!

  11. Free shipping:

    Your gift givers can choose which retailer they want to purchase the registry products from. But keep in mind that those retailers have their own shipping policy. By offering free shipping on orders over $45, the Babylist store gives you another awesome benefit when products are shipped by Babylist!

  12. 10% registry discount:

    Babylist offers a one-time 10% discount to use before baby arrives on any remaining items from your registry that are sold on the Babylist store!
    What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

  13. Personalized registry checklist:

    If you’re not sure where to begin, Babylist offers a lifestyle quiz  that will help you discover what you really need, not what stores want to sell you.

  14. Helpful content and guides:

    Babylist surveys reals parents every year to create their Best Of guides to help parents make informed choices. Also, they offer additional helpful content like their Pregnancy Week by Week and Sample Registries. All of these are super helpful!

  15. If you still need more help, they offer FREE personal registry consulting:

    You have access to their “Happiness Heroes” and registry consultants for any questions that you might have.

  16. Receive FREE registry insert cards:

    Babylist will send you free registry cards that you can insert into your shower invites for guests to easily find.

  17. Eligible for FREE Hello Baby Box:

    Babylist offers a free Hello Baby Box full of great product samples and deals for your and baby.

With all of these incredible features and benefits it’s obvious why parents are using Babylist to create their baby registries. They really have gone above and beyond to make this crazy and stressful task so much easier and stress-free.

Something else that I love about Babylist is that they offer a free Hello Baby Box. It’s such a cool way to start off your registry journey!

Hello Baby Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

What is Hello Baby Box?

The Hello Baby Box is a box full of awesome product samples and offers from trusted brands. I received one and found some great items that are perfect for expecting and new parents!

Hello Baby Box - Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

My samples and deals inside my Hello Baby Box were from Pampers, Cetaphil, Bamboobies, ToteSavvy, iPlay, primary.com, Burt’s Bees Baby, MAM, Noodle & Boo, and Lansinoh. This is such a great way to test out some products to see if they are the right fit for you and your baby before you start your registry.

Hello Baby Box - Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

These boxes are available to new, active and valid registry users while supplies last for US residents only. Restrictions do apply.

What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

What You Need to Know When Setting Up a Babylist Baby Registry | Baby Chick

I must mention that they are in limited quantity and the content of Hello Baby Boxes can vary each month. What you see here in my Hello Baby Box might be different from what you will receive in yours. But I like that! It’s a surprise waiting at your doorstep. 🙂

Visit Babylist to start your registry today and to qualify for your own Hello Baby Box!





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