Mama Gone Fab | Week Twelve: Strut-Worthy Stems

week 12 workout

By Lanie Towsley

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Lanie Towsley is a wife, mother to her two boys, and has a huge passion for maternal health, nutrition, and fitness.

HOLY MOLY, MAMAS, Y’all did the darn thing!! Congratulations on getting to week 12 of the “Mama Gone Fab” series with us and Hilary Hall. After our “break” last week you may have thought we’d finish up easy on y’all…WRONG! ; ) This last workout may leave you a bit wobbly, but you will NOT regret it. And your stems will thank you as you strut your stuff in that little LBD this holiday season.

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We had so much fun creating this series for y’all, and sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have — and that you’ve seen some great results! Our whole goal was to show you how exercise can fit easily into your daily life, and that it doesn’t always have to take time away from being with your little ones. If you are looking for more great work outs you can visit Hilary Hall Fitness on her YouTube channel and make sure to check back for a calendar she’s working on for our series!


mama gone fab, workout, hilary hall fitness, baby chick

Thanks again for following along with us! Make sure to leave comments and feedback!

XOXO, Lanie

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