The Best Summer Mom Hacks

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Summer is upon us, and we want to make this season even more enjoyable for you and your littles! We’re sharing the best ways to protect your kids’ skin and have fun, mess-free activities in the heat. Here’s our list of summer mom hacks you HAVE to try this year.

UV Patches

SunnyPatch UV Detecting Patches
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These color-changing UV patches let you know when to reapply sunscreen. First, peel and place a patch on your little one’s skin. Then, get some easy-to-apply sunscreen, like the SPF 50 roll-on mineral sunscreen from Babyganics. Roll and apply the sunscreen to exposed skin and over the UV patch. The patch will turn clear once it’s fully covered, and it’ll darken as your kid’s sunscreen slowly wears off throughout the day. You’ll know it’s time to reapply when the patch turns purple!

Brush-On Mineral Powder Sunscreen

BOB KIDS Brush On Mineral Powder Sunscreen
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We also love this brush-on mineral powder sunscreen for protecting our kids’ faces from the sun. It has SPF 30 and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Just open, shake until the powder comes out, and brush on their skin. It’s easy and fun to apply! The kids will love it too.

Reusable Water Balloons

Reusable Water Balloons
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These reusable water balloons are a NEED. After seeing them online and trying them for ourselves, they did not disappoint! They’re simple to fill and close and are so much fun. We love how we don’t have to tie a million balloons, pick up lots of trash, and create more waste. And they’re great for all ages, young and old!

Popsicle Holders

Popsicle Holder Bags
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Cupcake Liners
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These popsicle holder bags help keep your kids’ hands from getting cold when they enjoy their ice pops! The bags prevent popsicles from melting quickly, and kids will love the mermaid and shark designs. They’re also reusable, so you can put them in the washer if they get sticky and use them all summer.

A simple cupcake liner is also an awesome hack for popsicle holders. Just punch the popsicle to the center of the cupcake liner, and it will catch all the dripping. That means less mess and more for your kids to enjoy. A true win-win!

We hope these mom hacks make your summer much more fun with the kids (and easier for you, mama). You guys deserve it!


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