Quiet Activities Your Child Can Do Instead of Napping

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Once your toddler or preschooler is old enough, they’ll start to skip their naps. But this doesn’t have to mean less quiet time for them (or you)! Scheduling regular “quiet time” for kids gives them a chance to rest and gives you time for yourself. Here are some fun, quiet activities your child can try instead of napping:

Montessori Busy Books

With their touchably soft felt pieces, moveable and interactive parts, and page after page of engaging activities, tiny hands will be entertained for a long time with a good Montessori Busy Book. These books teach kids concepts like colors, shapes, and numbers and how to use zippers and buttons.


Magna-Tiles sets are super-cute, magnetic construction sets that kids can use to build whatever comes to mind! Snapping these brightly colored shapes together and pulling them apart will keep your little one busy. And it’ll help them explore their creative side.

Magnetic Letter and Number Boards

Letter boards and number boards are a fun way to help kids learn during their downtime. These sorting toys allow them to practice recognizing letters of the alphabet and numbers and can help enhance their fine motor skills.

Hand-eye Coordination Stringing Activities

This is a great crafting activity! Have your kids string beads or buttons onto pipe cleaners or crazy straws. They’ll love seeing what they can create while practicing hand-eye coordination and strengthening their dexterity.

Tablet or iPad Games

There’s no shame in using screen time as quiet time! Downtime is essential, and playing a matching game on a tablet is just as good as playing it with real cards.


Stock their shelves with paper, colored pencils, washable crayons, and washable markers. Then, wait for the masterpiece they’ll stick on the fridge in about an hour.

Quiet Time in a Fort

Everything is more fun in a fort! You can create a temporary fort with a blanket tent or a permanent nook in your child’s room or closet where they can enjoy their quiet time (now that they are a “big kid” and don’t need to nap anymore).

These activities can keep your child engaged while giving you a much needed break! What other quiet activities will you have your kids try this summer?

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