Newborn Sleep Routine and Product Favorites

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Establishing a regular sleep routine for your newborn is so important! It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby and prepare them for a night of rest. Here’s our recommended newborn bedtime routine (along with product favorites) to help you have a successful night with your baby.


A bath is a great way to start your baby’s bedtime routine. We like using the Boon Puff inflatable baby bather because it’s easy to clean and keeps your newborn comfortable. After, diaper your baby and use lotion for a short infant massage. You can use Junior’s Bedtime Lotion from 8 Sheep Organics and a Rascal + Friends diaper. (The Cocomelon version is super cute!)

Jammies & Reading

Then, put jammies on your baby and read them some good baby books, such as “On the Night You Were Born” and “Guess How Much I Love You.” Next, give them a full feeding. Breast or bottle, whichever works for your family! We recommend using the Momi bottle. It has a stretchable silicone nipple that mimics breastfeeding, giving babies a familiar feeding experience.


Afterward, swaddle your baby up! We love the Nested Bean swaddle. It provides weighted compression on the sides, mimicking a mama’s embrace and soothing your little one. The arms zip off so the swaddle can transition to a sleep sack, so it grows with your baby and can fit them from 3 to 6 months.

Good Sleep Environment

Once your baby is clean and dressed for bed, it’s time to prep their room! You can use a blackout curtain to keep the space dark and create a sleep-inducing environment. Next, turn on your sound machine. The Hatch Baby Rest and the Hatch Rest+ are both great sound machines. Then, give your baby a pacifier (if yours takes one). A couple of good ones are Natursutten and MAM pacifiers.

Finally, put your baby in their crib or bassinet and let them drift off to dreamland. Sweet dreams! 😴

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