Mom Hack: The Best Bow Organizer

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If you’re bow-obsessed like us, you likely have a hairbow for every color of the rainbow. Pink, black, white, turquoise, lavender – you name it! But keeping your daughter’s bow collection from looking cluttered can be quite a task. So here’s a mom hack that we’ve found helpful: the Bowdoir! 🎀

This bow organizer can help you easily store all your hairbows. It fits bows of all shapes and sizes and can hang on the back of your daughter’s closet or bedroom door. It also doubles as a cute room display! Say goodbye to bow chaos and hello to organization perfection!

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To install, attach each band to the top and bottom of your door using the adhesive strips. (They should lay flat against the door.) Once the bands are firmly in place, clip on your bows and slide them into the desired spot. Now all your daughter’s bows are super accessible! And you can organize them by size, type, color, material, occasion, etc.

Hopefully, this hack can make getting ready faster and keep your daughter’s room looking cute and neat!


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