How to Give Baby a Bath

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

As a postpartum doula, I’ve helped bathe a lot of newborns. Bathing the baby is one of the first things new parents want advice and support. And I get it! Your baby is so tiny, and you want them to remain happy and comfortable as you bathe them clean. Parents are unsure of the best way to bathe their baby, the ideal water temperature, and where to start.

First, if your baby still has their umbilical cord stump attached, continue to give your little one sponge baths. But once it has fallen off, you can begin submerging their body into the water in a baby bathtub for bath time. And this is when bath time fun beings!

In this video, I’m showing what you need, tips to keep in mind, where to begin, and what not to miss when bathing your baby. Bath time can be such a wonderful bonding experience for you and your child. With this demonstration, you will leave feeling more confident and ready to bathe your baby!

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