DIY Father’s Day Crafts

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Father’s Day is around the corner! What parent doesn’t love a homemade craft gift from their kid as a gift? It shows that they took the time and effort to make something special just for them. These types of Father’s Day gifts are unique and will forever remind you of the age your children were when they gave them to you. Crafting gifts from kids will always be a favorite of mine. That’s why we’re sharing two adorable DIY Father’s Day crafts that the kids can easily make (with some adult supervision and help) and gift to Dad. The items required for both crafts (minus the hammer) are affordable and easy to find. Here’s how to make them.

“Dad Rocks” Picture Frame

What You Need

What To Do

  1. Have your child select which rocks they want to put on the picture frame and have them place the rocks where they want them to go on the frame.
  2. Leave a space at the bottom of the frame to write the special message! Let your child choose what they want the photo frame to say. Then, write it out in pencil first, then in permanent marker.
  3. Use the glue gun to secure all the rocks in place on the frame where your child put them. If your child is old enough, they can do this too! Afterward, let it sit to dry.
  4. Place the photo you want in the frame!
  5. Optional: If you decide to do the handprint, cut the construction paper to fit the 5 “x7” frame. Then have your child pain their hand and place their handprint on the construction paper. Let their handprint dry, and write any message you want on the paper. Their dad will be so happy to see that surprise when they open the frame one day to replace the photo. 🙂

Keepsake Hammer

What You Need

What To Do

  1. Write a thoughtful note on the handle of the wooden hammer. I suggest writing it in pencil first, then in permanent marker.
  2. Add your child’s fingerprint. The idea here is that you can return to the inkpad every Father’s Day, adding a thumbprint (or thumbprints, if you have multiple children) each year!

Two great DIY Father’s Day crafts that make the best gifts for Dad. We hope it inspired you to make something special for the Dad in your life.


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