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Key Items for Transitioning Your Home for Fall

decorPublished October 9, 2017

by Ashley Stringfellow

Home Decor, Entertaining & DIY Expert


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Fall is upon us! And if you’re anything like me, you love to cozy up your living space for the cooler months. Sometimes it can be daunting trying to redesign your home with each coming season. But I am here to show you that you don’t need to! You can easily update your space for fall with 5 simple pieces!

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1. Velvet

One of the biggest trends for fall is velvet. And adding in this rich fabric can really set the tone for a cozier home environment. The best news is that most velvets are machine washable! So don’t be shy of introducing this trend to your space. Change out some of your pillows or add in some velvet seasonal items such as pumpkins. Just a little touch of velvet will transform your room!

2. Candles

Not only do candles add that romantic flicker of golden light, they can transform the space through delicious fall scents. My favorites include this candle from Linnea’s Lights that is just the right amount of fruit and spice. Like a fresh baked fall pie!

3. Faux Fur

Cozying up to a faux fur throw is just short of heaven. Especially when the temps drop. There’s nothing quite like curling up with a cup of coffee before the kids wake up surrounded by the warmth of a great blanket. Not only is the faux fur so soft, they add great texture to your fall home environment!

4. Brass Accents

The rich color of brass accents will add to the warmth you are creating in your living space for fall. After all, brass is the new rose gold! I love to add in some beautiful brass lanterns on your mantel space. And maybe even fill them with autumn leaves and some tiny tea light candles!

5. Colors

The color trends for fall are a rich forest green and blush. So bring in a touch of forest green in your décor. Whether it be in your throw pillows or through small accessories. This color is going to be huge! And blush is bigger than ever this fall. And it isn’t just limited to the kids rooms!





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