Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

By Mary Alice Martin

Manager & Editor at Baby Chick®

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Mary Alice Martin is a birth and postpartum doula in Houston, Texas. She is currently studying to be a midwife (hatching 2018!). Academically, she studies documentary films and their effect on our perceptions of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood in the United States. She is passionate about women’s health, yoga, and evidence-based birth!

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Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

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After having supported over 150 families through their pregnancies, births, and postpartum periods and near completing midwifery school, I have become the friend who wakes up to texts with random questions about all things lady part related. Want to know if your PMS symptoms are normal? How to get rid of a yeast infection? The pros and cons of the latest IUD? I’m your girl.

Now that my friends are beginning to start their families and ask more questions about their fertility, I’m realizing how confusing I sound trying to explain to them, “Okay, first you need to start taking your temperature every morning at the exact same time before you even get up or take a sip of water. Record it religiously. Pay attention to your cervical mucous! Is it sticky? Slippery? White? Clear?”

My friends are confused. And thanks to 21st century technology there are a multitude of apps and products that are now available to help you take charge of your fertility. But they all still involve taking your temperature or wearing a device on your body at all times. So, when I heard about Percept–a new product by EarlySense–the world’s first contact-free fertility trackerI was like YAAAAAS. Thank you! With EarlySense Percept there is:

  • no peeing
  • no patches
  • no thermometers
  • no temperature taking
  • no bands
  • no bracelets
  • no saliva tests
  • no interpreting data
  • no remembering to track

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

What is EarlySense Percept and how does it track my cycles?

Percept takes the guesswork out of understanding your fertility. It is a small sensor that slips under your mattress and connects to the Percept smartphone app via bluetooth. Percept monitors your heart rate, breathing rate, and moving signals while you sleep to predict your ovulation, period, sleep quality, and relaxation levels.

Using technology originally developed for hospitals, EarlySense Percept uses your vital signs as an indicator of basal body temperature, so you don’t have to bother with the thermometer! Percept has been clinically tested and found to predict ovulation with 31% higher accuracy than standard ovulation estimation processes!

Why track your fertility with EarlySense Percept?

This is a BIG DEAL. Yes, because it’s going to cut down on the number of middle of the night texts I get about cervical mucous. But mostly because EarlySense Percept is making it easier than ever to reliably understand your cycles.

Here at Baby Chick, we’re all about empowering women, and a huge way to do that is by helping you understand your own body’s cycles and rhythms. Tracking your fertility helps you to:

  • Understand when you have the highest and lowest chances of getting pregnant
  • Get pregnant faster when you’re ready, since Percept precisely highlights the best days to get pregnant!
  • Reliably track and plan for your upcoming periods
  • Each month you use Percept, the predictions will become more accurate
  • Take note of your sleeping habits and relaxation!

Getting started with EarlySense Percept is easy as pie:

1. Download the Percept smartphone app

After downloading the app, fill in the information about your age, first day of the last period, and typical length of your cycles.

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

2. Plug in your sensor next to your bed and connect via bluetooth

A green light will appear when the sensor is plugged in and on. A blue light will come on when you have successfully connected to bluetooth.

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

3. Correctly place the Percept sensor under your mattress

Upon taking the sensor out of the box you’ll notice that the cardboard packaging doubles as a guide to help you place the sensor appropriately. Plug in the sensor and use the guide to slide it under your mattress right below your pillow line.

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

4. Lay on your bed and wait for EarlySense Percept to begin sensing your vital signs

You will see your heart rate appear followed by your breathing rate.

*Pro tip: Don’t talk while it’s trying to sense your breathing rate!

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

5. Connect to the app each night before bed

Every night you’ll want to open the app up and make sure that it’s sensing your vitals before you go to sleep. Use this time to update your daily readings: were you bleeding or spotting? Did you have a fever? Were you sexually active? Keeping up with these questions nightly will help the technology to be more accurate! The more you use and update the app, the more accurate the predictions will be.

Tracking Fertility Effortlessly with EarlySense Percept | Baby Chick

My favorite part of Percept?

EarlySense Percept takes the anxiety out of tracking your fertility and trying to get pregnant. This should be fun! Take this opportunity to effortlessly get to know your body and your cycles–I bet you’ll start to notice some physical signs of ovulation, too! And because Percept works while you sleep, you have the added bonus of gaining some insight into your sleep quality and relaxation levels.

Tracking Your Fertility with EarlySense Percept

*Pro tip: Generally the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to get pregnant!

EarlySense Percept is available on their website or on Amazon for just $199. And, trust me, it’s worth it!


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