This Calculator Shows Exactly How Much You'd Earn if We Treated Parenting Like a Paid Job
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This Calculator Shows Exactly How Much You’d Earn if We Treated Parenting Like a Paid Job

Ever wonder how much you'd earn if you were getting paid to be a parent? Here's a calculator that will tell you just that!

Published March 3, 2020

Every parent will tell you that parenting is work in and of itself. Could you imagine how much you’d be paid if you earned a salary for doing your job raising a child? Well, this salary calculator from Funky Pigeon will tell you!

Mind you, this calculator doesn’t account for the added costs of emotional and mental labor (which, yes, takes up some serious time for some parents!). But it does tell you how much you’d earn from doing eight typical parenting tasks by looking at the wage and salary data for eight of the closest professionally equivalent jobs.

When you enter your weekly hours into the calculator, Funky Pigeon will covert them into yearly salaries for each — and then add it all up to give you a total annual pay.

All you have to do is type in your city and the number of hours you spend cooking, cleaning, driving, teaching, being a personal assistant, doing laundry, acting as a nurse, and playing psychologist per week.

Let’s say, for example, that you live in New York City, and you spend the following number of hours doing the aforementioned parenting jobs:

  • Three hours cooking
  • Two hours cleaning
  • Seven hours driving
  • Five hours teaching
  • Six hours being a personal assistant
  • Two hours doing laundry
  • One hour acting as a nurse
  • Five hours playing psychologist

Given the salary for these jobs in New York City, you’d be earning about $41,121 a year as a parent! And, again, that’s barring all of the emotional and mental labor you put in planning activities for your family, making mental notes and remembering important dates and details, and dealing with any family struggles.

Type in your own hours to give it a go! See for yourself just how much you’d be paid if parents earned a salary in your city.

This article originally appeared on Fairygodboss. As the largest career community for women, Fairygodboss provides millions of women with career connections, community advice, and hard-to-find intel about how companies treat women.

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