The Day I Threw Away My Entire Wardrobe: The 5 Piece French Wardrobe


The Day I Threw Away My Entire Wardrobe: The 5 Piece French Wardrobe

I was just so completely and utterly done with my entire wardrobe. The process of pulling everything out of my closet trying to find something to wear and eventually settling on the same skinny jeans, ballet flats and classic sweater that I had already worn three times that week because it was the most “normal” and “non-mom” outfit I owned was driving me insane. Allow me to explain.

After becoming a mom, my clothing collection got, for lack of a better word… Weird. I purged my clothes often, so I always assumed I was pretty on top of controlling my closet. I would often go through and donate what I no longer wore, mainly old office outfits and casual wear, leaving behind only the special occasion dresses I had emotional attachments to or kept because they were designer items I paid dearly for and the Lululemon leggings and tanks I wore on the daily. If you took a peek in my closet you’d think I was a yoga instructor by day and fancy socialite by night. In case you haven’t guessed it, I am neither of those things.

I am confident in my style. I know what’s fashionable and current, while maintaining an affinity for classics. Personal style was always a point of pride for me, but since becoming a stay at home mom, it was rare I was given the opportunity to express myself with my wardrobe, as I often opted for comfort and practicality over being sartorial. What was once a huge part of who I was had been buried a bit by motherhood. So I decided it was time dig that side of myself back out, starting with making over my closet!

Before Christmas I made a promise to myself. On New Year’s Day I was going to toss out my entire wardrobe. Literally throw it all away. I gathered up some donation bins and several trash bags, and I made a plan of attack. I was going to rediscover my sense of style, and I was going to do it in a seriously committed and BIG dramatic action.

french wardrobe

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I decided on starting a “French wardrobe” which is essentially a curated collection of classics that I could build on seasonally. I made several orders online for some key essentials and I invested in quality over quantity. Every piece I purchased made me feel wonderful about my mommy body and fit beautifully, even if it wasn’t the size I was pre-babies, I was truly confident in each item I chose (you can shop my picks above). Once I had a foundation to build back my wardrobe on, it was time to let go of the old one. I was a little scared and a lot excited. The adrenaline was palpable. I opened my closet door…

And I froze. What if I need this later? I might fit in these again! Someday… What if I have a daughter one day who wants this? My mind began to wander, so I gave myself a little grace and picked my top three sentimental pieces, stored them in a garment bag and put it on my bed. I took out a handful of my favorite work out ensembles, folded them nearly and put them on my bed. Everything else HAD to go. I filled my donation bins and trash bags and within an hour my closet was empty. It was done. I was free from the weight of the impractical wardrobe that I was clinging to for no reason and I felt completely at peace with it.

I hung with care my beautiful new clothes and took a step back. My closet looks so organized and stylish! So now begins the rebuilding process, and I couldn’t be more excited. To keep it wallet and closet friendly, I have decided on using the 5 piece wardrobe method to accentuate my “French Wardrobe”.


Trench Coat | Scalloped Blouse | Sweater | Jeans | Sunnies | Purse | Flats

The 5 piece wardrobe is essentially making a commitment to purchase only 5 quality pieces per season to build onto your basics. As an example, here are my selections for spring, that I have already started work on collecting!

This is a process, and its dramatic and I totally would understand if you thought I was insane. As for me, I’m not turning back and looking forward to my most fashionable year yet! Would you dare to throw away your ENTIRE closet? Tell me in the comments!

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Sarah Ring is a small business owner living in Dallas with her husband of ten years. She is a mother to two elementary aged sons and one toddler daughter. She is passionate about travel, date nights, Southern manners & traditional children’s clothing but above anything else, finding grace in motherhood is her greatest accomplishment!

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