Happy Thanksgiving | What We’re Thankful for This Year

what we are grateful for this year, team baby chick, thanksgiving, baby chick

Happy Thanksgiving | What We’re Thankful for This Year

Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone here at Baby Chick is wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday. We hope that you are surrounded by your loved ones and some yummy food on this beautiful day. Since this holiday is all about giving thanks and showing gratitude, our team wanted to share with each of you  what we are grateful for this year. 🙂

Sarah Ring

This year I’m incredibly thankful for my mother. Of course it goes without saying I’ve always been thankful for her, but this year especially while I’m in the thick of motherhood… knowing she has my back 100%, is there to listen when I need to vent and to advise me when I ask for guidance, has really left me feeling fully supported and loved. Couldn’t do life without my Mama! Thanks for saying all the right things, loving me without judgement and always knowing when to open a bottle of wine!

thankful for this year, happy thanksgiving, grandma

Jessica Tomes

This Thanksgiving, I am incredibly thankful for my husband and baby daddy. He is kind, and supportive, and also pretty fun to look at ; ) He provides for all of us so well, and never complains. He is the kind of man I always dreamed of marrying, and I am so lucky to call him mine. Seeing the love he has for our girls, the way he parents and adores each one of them, makes me fall head over heels again and again. He always encourages me to follow my dreams, and has helped me to realize the very best version of myself. I could not imagine life without my partner in crime, the rock to my steady. He may not be perfect, but he’s perfect for me! Thanks for loving me so well, darling! Cheers to happily ever after (or at least pretty dang close)!

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thankful for this year, happy thanksgiving, grandma

 Quin Kelley

thankful for this year, happy thanksgiving, grandma

This Thanksgiving 2016, I am incredibly thankful for my neighbors. They have shown me that friends can be like family. Last week when I had a house full of sick kids, one of them brought me dinner without being asked and one stepped in and took my kids when I had to rush a sick child to the doctor. They have truly made me feel that no matter what is going on in the world, there is always kindness and love because of amazing people! Thank you for all of your love and support. Love you, friends!

Lanie Towsley

This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for the men in my life both little and big. I never realized before becoming a mother that Motherhood is so reciprocating. Sure, I give love and therefore I get love (well, sometimes I still catch some attitude ?), but I’ve also found that by helping grow these little guys into compassionate, educated, GOOD people I, myself, am becoming more of those things too. I am thankful for the ways they challenge me and grow me in the role of “mom” every single day. And to their daddy, I am thankful to travel this twisting journey with someone who is so open and honest in communication, who listens and realizes there are some things I go through as a mom that he can’t really understand but certainly tries to, and who makes sure that we are always taken care of. I love you all, my three men!

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Mary Alice Martin

Thanksgiving is a yearly reminder of the special friends who fill my life with love and joy. I am a better person because of these meaningful relationships, listening ears, and warm hearts.

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Nina Spears

This year I am grateful for so much; people, places, things and most of all love. I am also grateful for bullet points so that I can list all the things that I am grateful for. 😉

  • my loving family
  • my wonderful friends
  • my supportive husband
  • our rambunctious pups
  • our beautiful home
  • wine or a good cocktail
  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • yoga pants
  • sleep
  • babies
  • and this amazing community of all of you — women and mothers

brian and nina

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We are grateful for everything this year has taught us, but I am most thankful for a new year about to begin. 😉 Bring on 2017!

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