Dr. Tessy Kadavil | Pediatrician

Dr. Tessy Kadavil | Pediatrician

Hello all you supermoms! My name is Tessy Kadavil and I am a baby doc, otherwise known as a pediatrician who has been working with Texas Children’s Pediatrics for over 5 years. I’m originally from Atlanta, GA and then moved to Houston in 2010 when I got married to my wonderful husband who runs his own oil and gas company. We have 3 little boys who are the loves of our lives and keep us busy with their soccer games, tae kwon do, lego building and just the general endless amount of energy they seem to have.

My background includes a residency from USF in Tampa in 2009 and then working in Urgent Care with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for a few years. Then after moving to Houston I joined Texas Children’s Pediatrics which is such an amazing group to work with.


Some of my interests include newborn care, breastfeeding, asthma and allergies, eczema and skin care, and healthy eating and obesity.

Some of my hobbies are cooking and baking, reading, traveling and finding fun activities for my little ones.

I love being a source of advice and guidance for all moms, especially newbies and I hope you guys are able to get some much needed enlightenment here. 🙂

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