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Teach Your Kids Fire Safety with the Help of These Tips

Fire safety is very important. Here are a few tips for teaching fire safety to kids and how they can prepare.

Published December 14, 2016

Fire safety is critical. This is why everyone in your household should practice it. There are many tips that you should follow as a parent to ensure fire safety for your family. Once mastered, it is time to teach these fire safety tips to your kids.

Kids will play an important role in your home’s fire safety. Children who are uneducated about fire safety can easily and accidentally cause a fire. Each year tens of thousands of children worldwide die because of a fire. In the United States alone, there were 1,353,500 fires reported in 2021.1 It is a very serious issue, especially since fires kill more Americans than other natural disasters combined.2

Fire Safety for Kids

First of all, you must take this matter seriously. Your children will take your lead. Take fire safety seriously and your kids will follow. Follow these tips to help educate your little ones on fire safety:

1. Make them understand that they shouldn’t play with fire.

Tell them how dangerous it can be.

2. Don’t overload electrical outlets.

Avoid octopus connections. Overloading an electrical outlet can lead to a fire caused by electricity.

3. Store flammable liquids and fire starters properly.

If you don’t, kids may get access to them and start a fire. These should be out of their sight and out of their reach so they won’t get the idea to explore using them.

4. When they’re old enough, teach them how to use matches properly.

Matches are an excellent tool if you know how to use them. Teach your older kids how to use matches responsibly. This also includes the proper use of candles. Younger children shouldn’t use candles, and too many children do so without their parents knowing.

5. Be careful when cooking.

Don’t leave your children in the kitchen unattended. Use the stove’s back burners to keep pots and pans that you’re using farther from their reach with the handles facing away. Your oven should have a safety latch. Use a timer when cooking in the oven. Don’t use your oven to heat your home. Yes, people do that, and it’s not very smart! Also, make sure that your attention is on your cooking. Limit distractions so you can ensure fire safety in the kitchen while you’re cooking. This will help significantly, considering that many home fires start from the kitchen.

6. Check electrical cords.

Cords should be in good shape. They should not be damaged or frayed. Damaged or frayed electrical cords can cause electrocution and can start a fire.

7. Check appliances.

Have appliances checked if they begin to smell, spark, or overheat. There could be a problem that may lead to an electrical fire. Make sure to have them serviced by a trained professional.

8. Clean the fireplace regularly and cover it with a screen.

Fireplaces can also start a fire when sparks fly out. Covering it with a screen can help minimize this risk. Regular cleaning will make it more efficient. Doing these things presents another bonus. They will make your fireplace look better, which can benefit you if you’re staging your home for a potential buyer.

These are just some of the fire safety tips that you have to master and teach your children.

How to Prepare Your Kids

You should also make sure that everyone in your household is prepared in case of a fire. This includes your kids. Follow these tips to prepare everyone:

1. Have a fire extinguisher handy but secure.

Fire extinguishers can help manage small fires. Just make sure that they’re securely bolted onto the wall. Older children should be taught how to use them.

2. Have a clear fire exit plan.

Everyone should master their exit plan. Everyone should know how to exit your home in case of a fire. Your home should have at least two fire exits, and the more fire exits, the better. You can even include your little ones when making your fire exit plan. This will help them understand and remember the fire exit plan better.

3. Teach your kids the stop, drop and roll technique.

This is a fundamental technique that every child should master just in case their clothing catches fire. This can help prevent the spread of fire.

4. Install fire and smoke alarms.

These alarms will alert the entire household of the presence of fire or smoke. Make sure that the alarms are loud enough and placed in strategic areas. Make sure to test them regularly (at least once a month) and replace the battery at least once every year. Also, make sure that your children know what to do in case the alarm sounds. Determine who among the kids need assistance getting out so you’ll know who to get. The older kids can exit on their own. The younger ones are the priority if they can’t go out on their own yet.

Master these fire safety tips for kids as a family. Everyone should be on board. Everyone should have a clear understanding of how important fire safety is and what they should do to ensure it.

Save Lives

Knowing these fire safety tips can save lives. If children and adults are careful, they are less likely to start a fire accidentally. If a fire happens, everyone will know what they need to do to prevent the loss of life, which is more important than the loss of property.

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