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Hopebridge employee working with a little girl during her therapy session.

Autism: Signs, Symptoms and Next Steps – Podcast Ep 111

The CDC shows 1 in 36 children is now affected by ASD. Now more than ever, we all need to know of autism and the signs and symptoms.

Portrait of a of 3 years old little boy with Down Syndrome in the mother's arms. He is smiling. He wear pyjama. He has blue eyes and blond hair. Photo was taken in Quebec Canada.

40 Things Parents of Special Needs Children Want You to Know

Discover strategies and tips for parenting children with special needs. Learn how to handle the extra layer of stress and manage your family.

Daughter with Down syndrome helps her mother prepare pancakes

How to Support Parents of Special Needs Children

Get tips on how to support parents of special needs children to help give them the energy to keep going and advocating for their children.

An African-American man in his 30s with a serious expression on his face, talking to his 7 year old son on a playground. They are face to face, and he is holding his hands.

How to Talk to Kids About Autism

Learning how to talk to kids about autism is essential. Answers to their questions in an age-appropriate way can help them understand.

little girl drawing pictures with colorful pencils while visiting psychologist

How to Know If Your Child Can Benefit From Early Intervention

For children with developmental delays, support is crucial for their success. Here is how to know if your child needs early intervention.

Baby hand grabbing onto mother's finger.

A Lesson for Moms from My Special Needs Child

"Your daughter has dwarfism," isn't what one mom expected to hear. She shares what other moms can learn from her daughter with special needs.

How to Know When it Might be Autism

How To Know When It Might Be Autism

Learn what it means to be on the autism spectrum, explore helpful resources on ASD, and discover the "dont's" of autism to help you spot it.

How Autism Has Touched Me & What I Learned

How Autism Has Touched Me & What I Learned

I'm sharing my story of how autism has touched me and what I learned to inspire and share what worked for my family.