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A young mother is kissing her newborn son on the forehead. They are at the hospital. The mother is wearing a hospital gown and the baby is wrapped tightly in a white blanket.

Experts Are Warning Against a Dangerous Baby Sleep Item

Discover why doctors and safe sleep experts advise against using weighted blankets and sleep gear on newborns and infants.

Mother breastfeeding her baby

Research Shows U.S. Breast Milk is Contaminated by Flame Retardants

A study uncovered 25 types of flame retardants in breast milk. Learn how flame retardants may harm newborns.

Handsome African American man is listening to his beautiful pregnant wife's tummy, feeling shocked

Dad Responds After Viral Video Shows Negative Reaction to Wife’s Pregnancy

A father is responding after a video of his reaction to his wife's baby news went viral. Read about how his raw response left people divided.

Cupkin cups recalled

Nearly 400,000 Cupkin Cups Recalled for Unsafe Lead Levels

Soojimus issued a mandatory recall of its Cupkin stainless steel cups for having unsafe lead levels. Here's what we know about the recall.

Girl buying groceries with father at supermarket. Man is leaning on shopping cart while daughter choosing food products. They are at grocery store.

Mom Goes Viral on TikTok, Saying Husband’s “Bare Minimum” Gets Praise

A mom recently went viral on TikTok for sharing a story about her husband receiving compliments during a shopping trip with their children.

Young successful man drinking wine and enjoying himself while traveling with a private airplane. Laptop is on the table in front of him.

Dad Leaves Kids in Coach and Divides Internet

A dad leaves kids in coach to teach them a lesson and the internet divides; some defending him and others calling him out.

Worried mid adult woman using mobile phone in the living room at home

Research Shows Schools Are More Likely To Call Mom Than Dad

Read about a new study that tested whether schools prefer calling mom or dad when given contact information for both male and female parents.

Asian female Doctor using stethoscope examining small Baby boy in medical room at hospital, Healthcare medical exam concept.

FDA Approves Drug To Protect Babies and Toddlers From RSV

The FDA has approved a long-lasting drug to protect small children from the potentially deadly disease Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

Dad Goes Viral for Tweet About the Struggles of Parenting

Father and podcast host Jay Acunzo went viral by offering his thoughts on modern parenting. Read about the confessions and advice he shared.

Lindsay Lohan with husband and her taking a selfie showing her baby bump

Lindsay Lohan Welcomes First Baby With Bader Shammas

Actress Lindsay Lohan has taken on her most significant role yet: motherhood. Here's everything we know about Lindsay's bundle of joy!

Zayn Malik collage - his hand holding his baby girl's hand and a photo of him during his interview with Call Her Daddy

Zayn Malik Gives Rare Interview About Co-Parenting With Ex Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik opens up and gives a rare interview about co-parenting his daughter with his ex, Gigi Hadid, and all that entails.

Tiffany Chen bells palsy after childbirth

Tiffany Chen Lost “All Facial Functions” After Baby With Robert De Niro

Giving birth should be an exciting time. But for Tiffany Chen, welcoming her baby with long-time partner Robert De Niro took a scary turn.

Kaley Cuoco mommy wrist pictures

Kaley Cuoco Updates Fans on Painful “Mommy Wrist” Condition

Kaley Cuoco revealed she’s suffering from “mommy wrist,” a painful form of tendonitis. Here's what you need to know about this condition.

happy family with kids play at sunset tropical beach

Experts Share Tips To Help Toddlers Remember Their Vacations

Children under age 4 may not remember details from their vacations. However, experts have offered up some tips for how you can change that!

Close up child holding in hand with omega 3 vitamin, fish oil

Diet Expert Reveals the Vitamin Kids “Aren’t Getting Enough Of”

Many kids don't get enough vitamin D. Learn the effects this can have on children and how to help them meet their recommended daily intake.

A mother takes a selfie of her and her daughter eating an ice cream cone at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California.

“Sharenting” May Soon Be Illegal: What To Know About Oversharing Kids Online

Sharenting, the act of oversharing children online, has become a problem for many children, tweens, and teens growing up in the digital age.

Cropped shot of a pregnant woman enjoying a chocolate and potato chips in bed

New Study Shows Strangest Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Your early pregnancy cravings for potato chips and chocolate bars aren’t all that strange, according to a new survey conducted by OnePoll.

Shot of a cute little girl reading a book in her bedroom with her teddybear by her side

New Study Shows Early Readers Become Better-Adjusted Teens

We've long heard that nurturing a child's love of reading can have incredible results. Some experts believe they've found a way to prove it.

Mature caucasian woman shopping for shoes for her son in a department store

The $300 Monthly Child Tax Credit Is Back on the Negotiation Table

If lawmakers have their way, American families may once again see a monthly check for an advance on their annual child tax credit.

Woman putting her toddler son in his car seat and buckling him up.

Nuna Baby and Uber Team Up to Put Car Seats into Uber Cars!

Uber and Nuna have teamed up to help those parents with little ones and are equipping Ubers with the Nuna Baby RAVA.

A young child holds up a peanut and looks at it closely.

‘Peanut Patch’ Might Change Allergy Kids’ Lives

The latest allergy preventative comes in a wearable "Peanut Patch," and the clinical trial has yielded promising results.

Toddler in car seat holding up a toy - Target's Car Seat Trade In event

Get Ready For Target’s Annual Car Seat Trade-In Event

Get ready for Target's annual car seat trade-in event for 2023, going on later this month. Read here for all the details!

Busy mother or mom pumping breastmilk by Automatic breast pump machine wirh Nursing fabric cover while typing on laptop pc computer on table. Motherhood in corporate office.

The Pump Act: What You Need To Know

Employees are supported to express milk with the PUMP Act. This law provides protections for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.

Young mother and her baby boy traveling by plane.

Push to Ban Lap Babies on Airplanes Resumes After Recent Incident

Media reports say flight attendants are renewing their call for a ban against lap babies on airplanes for safety reasons.

A young woman, mother of nanny, holding hands with little three year old boy with a schoolbag and taking him to kindergarten.

Report: U.S. Ranks Worst for Early Childcare Costs

Considering childcare costs? US moms spend a good chunk of their wages. Learn why costs are rising and how to save on essentials.

Mother breastfeeding her baby girl while lying on the couch

Newly Updated Breastfeeding Guidelines from the AAP

Learn about the newly updated breastfeeding guidelines from the AAP including breastfeeding for up to two years or longer if desired.

Caucasian baby sleeping peacefully in his crib

Newly Updated Safe Sleep Guidelines from the AAP

Learn about the updated safe sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and what the Safe Sleep for Babies Act means for you.

Baby girl born at 6th month of pregnancy, weighting only 650g at a time in NICU.

The U.S. Premature Birth Rate Report Card 2021

The March of Dimes recently released the 2021 report card on premature births in the United States. Here is what your state scored.

Two little girl laying in bed and looking at camera.

Why Having a Sister is the Best, According to Science

Science confirms that having a sister is good for your health. Not surprising, says one mom! She shares why she knew this was true already.

Kristen Bell on her web series Momsplaining with Kristen Bell sitting with Maya Rudolph and Casey.

Kristen Bell Shares That Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Still Wears Diapers

On her latest Momsplaining with Kristen Bell episode, Bell shares that her 5-year-old daughter still wears diapers.