Sweet + Simplified Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Sweet + Simplified Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s May already?! That means Mother’s Day is officially upon us, and whether you’re shopping last minute for the beloved mama in your life — or even for yourself — look no further than our Sweet + Simplified Mother’s Day Gift Guide! I curated this small collection of covetable goodies based on their ease of ordering and overall loveliness. Pair one or two of these inspirational ideas with a homemade card from the little ones, + an indulgent breakfast in bed, and you’re bound to make that marvelous mom in your life swoon on her most special day!

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Farmgirl Flowers Peony for President Bouquet is a beautiful bundle of everyone’s favorite floral dujour, peonies! Wrapped in their signature burlap, it’s quite the upgrade from grocery store carnations, delivered directly to your door.

I simply adore the In Bloom by Jonquil Sedona wrap! The colors are vibrant and spring inspired — and it would be absolutely lovely for a new or nursing mother.


Voluspa’s French Cade & Lavender candle is a subtle scent that I find to be perfect for the bedroom, bath, or any place you want the mommy you’re celebrating to try and relax.  Nothing is more sacred than sleep to a mom, so snag her this candle and promise her a full night of uninterrupted slumber. She’ll never forget it!

My favorite gift in this guide is this custom silhouette art from Minted. While it takes the longest to arrive, it’s the ideal gift for any traditional mama or grandmother.  Can’t make the shipping deadline for Mother’s Day? An idea would be to gift a Minted print credit, and allow the recipient to pick out the photos she wants to use herself to ensure she gets exactly what she wants out of this forever keepsake.

I just had to include one splurge item in the Gift Guide, and this vintage inspired bike ranks high on my wish list! Comfort and function make this bike the ideal vehicle for getting outside for family rides, to-and-from the park. I find this bike in particular not only practical, but incredibly stylish as well!


I always love a good Gift Guide, and hope that you’re left inspired, but it goes without saying that the best gift on Mother’s Day is without a doubt the ones who made us a mommy to start. Our children. Time spent with them outshines the brightest new bauble any day, and not every great gift comes from a store. So if you’re seeking some simplified and FREE gift ideas for the mom you’re spoiling this year, I’ve got some suggestions for you as well!

  • Mom’s Night Out Voucher: Give her a night out with her girlfriends, where you take care of the littles solo!
  • DIY Wash and Detail her Mom Mobile: Let’s face it, her car is most likely a rolling catch-all for soccer gear and Cheerio crumbs. Clean up her ride for the ultimate surprise!
  • Let her Sleep in (and/or Go to Bed Early): If she is a night owl, let her sleep in. If she’s an early bird, offer to take over the kids’ bedtime, so she can head to bed early. The extra rest will be much appreciated!

At Baby Chick, we celebrate the journey of motherhood every single day. It’s our sincere hope to uplift and empower moms, and we couldn’t do that without you. We’d love for you to celebrate our first year with us at our Mother’s Day Soiree on Thursday! We hope to see you there!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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  • Lovely ideas, i am also planning to gift my mom some special like she is but i don’t actual know what she like must or what i can give her, can anybody please share some more ideas my mom is 45 years old.

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