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9 Summertime Date Night Ideas

relationshipsUpdated June 4, 2021

Summer has finally arrived! Hooray! The sunshine and warm weather are such a wonderful feeling, and when you live where I do, this can be a short season, so it’s time to take full advantage of this weather and get outside with your significant other! Here are 9 super fun summertime date night ideas!

1. Play Mini Golf

Take a stroll back to the younger years of dating and head to the mini-golf course! A good helping of healthy competition with some ice cream afterward is the perfect ingredient for a great date night!

2. Have a Bon Fire Night

Gather the ingredients for your favorite fireside snacks, such as s’ mores and the like, grab a blanket, and head outside for a bonfire. Cuddling, star-gazing, and watching the fire dance is pure romance.

3. Make Homemade Ice Cream After Bedtime

Put the kiddos to bed and enjoy some good old homemade fun! Homemade ice cream is the BEST and so fun to make together. Grab your favorite toppings and have an old school ice cream social, just the two of you.

4. Go on a Picnic

Make a great take-along dinner or grab food on your way, take a walk somewhere special, just the two of you, or find a place with a beautiful view and have a picnic. Enjoy the scenery and the company!

5. Buy Tickets for a Concert You’re Both Excited About

An outdoor concert is so fun and is the proverbial gateway into summertime. There is something about listening to your favorite band under a blanket of stars that is so romantic. Grab your tickets, your favorite cold beverage, and a folding chair!

6. Start a Water Gun Fight

A water gun fight is an entertaining summertime date for the whole family, grab your super soakers, maybe some food coloring to add a fun twist to the water and head outside. The kids will love it, and the memories will last a lifetime!

7. Watch a Movie Under the Stars

Some communities offer a movie in the park night, but if not, set up a homemade projector and pick your favorite flicks. If you’re feeling social, invite the neighbors to join, otherwise, cuddle up with some popcorn and enjoy!

8. Find a Local Farmers Market

Head to your local farmers market and spend the morning perusing what unique items are there. It is an excellent opportunity to buy local, and it supports small businesses, plus the fresh food is delish!

9. Discover Summertime Fairs and Festivals

If heading out for a night on the town sounds good, research some local events and enjoy some carnival sweets! There seems always to be festivals of all different kinds going on in the summertime, find one that suits you and enjoy a night out!

These are just a few ideas of fun summertime date nights that are easy (and cheap!). Spending time with your loved ones and creating special memories don’t have to be elaborate plans. Just filling up some super soakers and heading outside makes for a great time. Take the kids and the dog for a walk and watch them laugh and play while you watch from the sidelines, soaking up every minute of fun and sun!


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