School Survival Kit: Everything You Need to Be an Honor Roll Mama This School Year!

school survival

School Survival Kit: Everything You Need to Be an Honor Roll Mama This School Year!

school survival

If you ask any mom on the block what the busiest time of year is for her, she will most undoubtedly say “back to school”. It’s truly a time where our calendars are inundated with appointments, fundraisers, sporting events and dates to remember… And these are just our kids schedules, never mind our own! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite things for surviving this busy season in the chic(k)est way possible!


I wish I had time to make a Starbucks run in the mornings, but the truth is I’d rather use that extra 10 minutes to get myself ready and I feel a coffee stop is just an out of the way errand, and do I *really* need something else on my “to do” list? Absolutely not. Enter the Rivo, KEURIG’s answer to your latte addiction. Is there anything better than freshly brewed espresso and frothy steamed milk at the press of a button? The answer: Nothing.


keurig rivo

The Big O Key Ring in Gold Rush

I am a busy mama to two toddler boys. Which translates to my life being constantly go go go! I adore this key ring because it’s so easy to grab and run out the door, to easily find when doing a one handed reach into my purse and most importantly it can slip on like a bracelet so when I’m chasing tots at preschool pick up, my keys won’t get dropped!

gold ring

Henry Bendel West 57th Baby Bag

This tote is so mommy chic(k) I can hardly handle how much I love it. It’s a diaper bag with all of the bells and whistles including a plush changing pad, but it’s also a gorgeous statement satchel that would pair well with any ensemble, from a casual carpool look to fancy family dinner frock. All of the pockets are what’s going to keep you completely organized and together for back to school, as you will have more than enough room for your smartphone, tablet and planner!


Smith & Hawken Chalkboard

I love a good chalkboard for quick reference for our family to spot as we head out the door. I jot down short messages like “Soccer practice @ 6pm, take forms to coach!” And draw an arrow down to the necessary paper work I’ve put in the pocket below, so my husband is in the know with our comings and goings on school nights!


Mommy Calling Cards by Minted

I was at the park with my boys last week and they of course made a little friend as they usually do. The kids really hit it off and his mom and I began chatting, mostly small talk until we realized we were from the same home town and thought it would be fun to get the kids together again. As I reached for my iPhone to swap info, she handed me the sweetest calling card and simply said “text me!” as they loaded up their stroller and rode off into the sunset… Or something like that. Regardless, I knew I met my stationary-soul-mate-mama-friend and I also knew I HAD to have my own mommy chic(c)k calling cards! Minted has a gorgeous selection to choose from and I can’t wait to start handing them out as I’ll be meeting tons of new parents as the school year starts.


calling card

Nike FlyKnit Roshe Run Sneaker

You’re kids aren’t the only ones who need a pair of fresh back to school kicks! Grab these fashionably FlyKnits and pair them with some black skinnies and one of our fab fall tee’s from Baby Chick! You will always look pulled together and smart on the run!

ILY Couture Margo Watch in Grey

Nothing is more essential to surviving back to school than being on time. As a mom who is notorious for running late, I’m vowing to change my habits this school year and I’m hoping this pretty and budget friendly timepiece will keep me from being tardy!

grey watch

• ‘I Am Busy’ Planner

This planner says it all doesn’t it? Back to school means your busier than ever, but you’re much more likely to remember everything you need to get done if you physically write it down vs. saving it in your iPhone, so snag a pretty planner and you’ll be an honor roll mama in no time!


bando planner

Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick

Honestly I don’t think this would be a school survival kit for moms without including an incredible concealer. Trust me when I say I’ve tried them ALL and for quick touch ups on the go, my hands down fave has to be Bobbi Brown’s little miracle stick that can be purchased exclusively online at Sephora!

I hope that my back to school survival kit is an A+, but if there is anything you’re using to make life a little easier this fall that I left out let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear you tips for starting the academic year with style!bobbi brown

school survival

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