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Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Part baby monitor, part baby translator, part sleep guru — introducing the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor. Nanit is the only video baby monitor that puts baby’s sleep development in the palm of your hands with automatic sleep tracking and personalized sleep tips to help your baby — and the whole family — catch more ZZZs. Drill a 3/16 inch hole in the marked spot and insert the anchor until flush to wall.


Owlet Smart Sock 2

Unlike traditional audio and video baby monitors, the Owlet Smart Sock helps you know your baby is okay, and when you know baby is okay, you can worry less and sleep better.

This smart baby monitor helps you know your baby is okay by using clinically-proven technology to track their heart rate and oxygen levels. The Smart Sock sends this information to a base station which is designed to notify you with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong. Using Owlet’s app, you can view real-time wellness data and receive direct notifications on your phone. Parents who use the Owlet Smart Sock report better sleep and less worry. All new moms and dads can use peace of mind and a little extra help with baby while they sleep. The Smart Sock 2 can help by keeping them informed of what matters most, making it a great baby shower gift for expecting moms and dads.


Motorola MBP36XL Portable Video Baby Monitor

We have this baby monitor and love it. It’s portable, has a rechargeable camera, high sensitivity microphone and wireless technology. You can see the whole room clearly, day or night, with remote pan, tilt, and zoom and infrared night vision, and know whether their room is too hot or too cold with the convenient room temperature display. You can also clearly communicate with your partner or child using the two-way communication feature.

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