Product Review: Bump Boxes + Giveaway


Product Review: Bump Boxes + Giveaway

Y’all. I have to be honest about something…since leaving my job to focus on raising my son (and baby on the way!) I haven’t had much excitement in my day-to-day life. Sure, in the first couple weeks home with Fischer everything seemed new, but life quickly became routine with our morning jogs followed by play-time at the park, our trips to get breakfast tacos and coffee (the child won’t drink out of a regular cup anymore in the mornings, he HAS to have his own to-go coffee cup), gymnastics class, trips to the grocery get the picture. So, what was once a regular occurrence for me, the checking of the mail, became a huge highlight of my day. What new items would I peruse in the latest Anthro or West Elm catalog? What did our investments do last quarter? Oooo..the latest in bicycle-repairs gadgets! Seriously, all of this actually EXCITED ME. Even my husband likes to joke when he gets home in the evening “So, how was the best part of your day today?” (translation; what did we get in the mail..) Though, on one particular day this question had me burst into tears as I had to seriously consider the fact that mail call was, in fact, the highlight of my afternoons.

Anyways, I digress. Recently, I opened my front door to find one of the most exciting packages I’ve received in awhile. I mean, who wouldn’t want to find this BRIGHT PINK box sitting on their doorstep filled with mysterious goods?

bump boxes

Bump Boxes, a monthly subscription service, delivers high-quality and thoughtful products to moms in various stages of their pregnancies and I am thrilled to have received a months+ worths of goods and to have the opportunity to tell y’all about it.


Before the box showed up on my doorstep, I looked at their website and was curious to see what I would receive because when I first spoke with them, I was still so early in my pregnancy. Well, the products certainly didn’t disappoint and since I received them once I entered my second trimester, I’ll be able to enjoy them far longer than had they sent me items that focused on first-trimester ailments.


I love this little card they included and it was the perfect introduction to the contents of the box!

bump boxes

Organic Peaceful Mama Tea:

One of the best companies in the prenatal/postnatal and women’s well-being market is Earth Mama Angel Baby so I was really happy to open the box and see that Christine, founder of Bump Boxes, had included a full size box of this tea. During my last pregnancy, I drank a lot of tea towards the end, but with my acid-reflux flaring up early this time (within weeks of conceiving) and experiencing insomnia (a new symptom this time), I had been needing to start the wind-down ritual a little earlier. I’ve tried a few different brands, but I’ve found that this particular tea is the most calming and most delicious and I’ve been enjoying a cup each night before bed. I even took it with me on my recent trip to New Orleans! Luckily, this product is also readily available at retailers in town or on Amazon prime so when I run out (very soon!) I can get some more.


Deep Steep Bubble Bath (Brown Sugar Vanilla):

YES. I love, love, love, bath time (another frequent relaxation technique, pregnant or not) and had recently run out of bubble bath, which is one of my favorite indulgences on the planet. I’m so addicted to bubbles that I had even resorted to using my son’s less sudsy Elmo version. Again, I was thrilled to see that this was a full size product and I couldn’t help but pop the top and immediately take a whiff. Mmmmm…what a scent!

Since it was the middle of the day, I wasn’t able to disrobe and hop into the bath, but believe you me, as soon as Fischer was tucked in tight and the lights were out, I was soaking up that delicious Vanilla scent and well on my way to relaxation station. I had never heard of the Deep Steep brand, but upon researching the company and product lines, I’m even happier that Christine included a bottle in my box and has chosen to partner with the company. This particular product is gluten-free (a major plus for us), Non-GMO (they use plant extracts for scent) and is not tested on animals (I purchase cruelty-free whenever possible). It also doesn’t feel like your sinking into a heavy, fake scent. Instead, the vanilla scent is both silky and delicate and entirely delectable. The husband just couldn’t resist snuggling close…

Deep Steep Foot Cream (Candy Mint):

Another full-size product that I get to rave about..and I’m not the only one! If you’re a working momma, a stay-at-home momma, an on-the go-lady-who-lunches… NEED this foot cream. I really wish I’d had this cream during my first pregnancy when I was both on my feet all day teaching while also training for a half-marathon because it’s literally the best foot cream I’ve ever used. As with the Vanilla bubble bath, this product is gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo, and cruelty-free and I love the combination of eucalyptus essential oil (to tantalize the toes) with coconut oil and shea butter (to soften the dogs). And don’t kid yourself, this cream isn’t JUST for the feet, though marketed that way. I’ve found that it works really well on achy shoulders and my lower back! Bonus, my husband who is a triathlete and frequently suffering from achy feet loves it too! I guess I better hide it.


Bump Boxes Wood Massager:

So, initially, I was totally thrilled with this little gadget because it’s easy for one to use on themselves. You know who else was equally as thrilled? My husband. Funny enough, this item comes up a couple times on the Bump Boxes “build your own section”…as a relaxation tool for moms AND in the “for dads” section! Needless to say, it’s going to get a lot of use in our house over the next few months and it’s something I’ll definitely include it in my hospital bag!

Due North Foot Rubz Massage Ball:

Okay, pure genius that in the same box I got foot cream AND this little guy. Again, perfect for pretty much anyone but especially the expecting mom who’s on her feet all day while carrying around all that added weight! While it’s advertised as a “foot” massager, because it easily hits certain acupressure points for instant relief, it can really be used anywhere on the body. (Though I really have found the most relief for my feet.) It’s easy to step on and roll on the floor or use your hands to roll it along your foot, calves, anywhere you feel aches and pains and because it’s so small you can fit it in almost any bag! (Yes, even that adorable clutch you’re taking to dinner.) Lucky for me, I received my box of goodies before my trip to New Orleans and you can get your bottom dollar it made the trip with me!

Baby Booster Prenatal Protein Formula:

When I first looked at this little sample package I wasn’t quite sure of what it was so I looked up Baby Booster online and was so pleasantly surprised! At first, I thought it was just to mix with water, but turns out it’s actually a prenatal protein SMOOTHIE formula. SO FUN! I already drink smoothies once a day (sometimes more when I was dealing with morning sickness) for either a meal or as a healthy snack and this is an excellent way to get added protein and nutrients vital during these prenatal months. I received the Pina Colada flavor and it was like a party in a glass! So delicious and I felt like I was enjoying a fruity cocktail in Mexico! (Well, minus the gorgeous water and white sand, of course.) I think this protein formula would also serve as a great post-natal drink for nursing mommas to promote and maintain lactation.


Over-all, I was very impressed with this Bump Box and I know that I will order one for myself in the future because I’m being introduced to products that I hadn’t ever thought about purchasing or heard of before. This is also a really great gift option for a newly-expecting friend because you can choose a full size box option, a whole subscription series, or just the sample-size box option. I also love that the products included are great for an extended period of time, that some of them are appropriate for anyone from the expecting mom to the tired dad, and that they are thoughtfully researched and curated so I know I’m receiving the highest-quality goods.

Now for the part that involves YOU, the reader!!! Christine has graciously provided us the opportunity to gift one of our lovely, chic Mommy Chicks with a GIVE-AWAY of a FULL-SIZE Bump Box! I’m so excited that one of y’all gets to try out this awesome service so please visit our Instagram Page (@thebabychick) for all of the entry details! The winner will be announced Wednesday, November 18th at 6pm CST. Good-luck!!




p.s. Thanks again to Christine and the Bump Boxes team for gifting me this awesome box of products. I love your company and felt truly pampered!!

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