Pretty (and Sexy) Maternity Lingerie for Valentine’s Day and Beyond


Pretty (and Sexy) Maternity Lingerie for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day is all fun and games until somebody gets pregnant…

Some women adore being pregnant. Some women actually “glow”. Some women have extra shiny, pregnancy hair. Some women only gain about 20 pounds over the entirety of their pregnancies, and most (if not all) of this weight is in the general vicinity of their adorable baby bumps — and nowhere else. I am NOT one of these women.

Let’s just put things in perspective here. I gained almost 50 pounds with both of my girls. And I am only five foot three inches on a good day. I was practically as wide as I am tall. And the weight went everywhere. My face broke out constantly, and my hair was brittle. Not so adorable. Can I get an amen?


So as February 14 looms on the horizon, if you are anything like me — almost four months pregnant or even farther along — you may not be feeling super sexy. Or even confident. Just because pregnancy is beautiful, doesn’t mean that all pregnant women feel beautiful all the time. BUT WE SHOULD. AND WE CAN.

Here’s a question for you. Are you still trying to shove your pregnant body into your prepregnancy pajamas? Because that could be part of the problem. Nobody feels sexy in clothes that don’t fit. Just like you purchase maternity clothing for the everyday, you should really consider purchasing maternity clothing for the bedroom. Trust me. This can make a WORLD of difference.

I made this discovery during my first pregnancy. My sweet, money-conscious husband suggested I check out the larger sized jammies at our local Walmart. I kid you not. I very quickly let him know that wasn’t going to suffice. You gave me this baby, now get me some cute lingerie. Or else. He happily obliged : ) I mean, when you put it that way…


Two of my favorite maternity lingerie brands are Belabumbum and Olian (you can find it at Nordstrom). These stores also sell adorable gift sets that include a matching outfit for baby, making them an excellent shower gift option. And most serve double duty — they also work for nursing (a necessity for late-night feedings). Score!

One of my favorite lingerie brands, Plum Pretty Sugar, recently launched its own maternity line, Chick and Bunny.

chick and bunny

I have loved everything I have purchased from them (non-maternity), so I am sure this line will be no different. Pretty (and sexy) maternity lingerie DOES exist. You just have to know where to look. Treat yourself, or your husband. Or better yet, send him a link to my blog post…that way he knows what to get you for Valentine’s Day. You know, in addition to the jewelry and the gallon of Blue Bell ice cream he was already planning to buy you! Happy (sexy) Valentine’s Day, Mommy Chicks!


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