Perfect 10 Face: Makeup Essentials


Perfect 10 Face: Makeup Essentials

5 Products in 5 Minutes for a Perfect 10 Face that will Have You Looking Pulled Together and Mommy Chic(k) All Day Long!

Whether you’ve got a tiny newborn bundle or tenacious toddler at home, getting your make up done can often fall low on the priority list. We’ve been there too! And because you’re gorgeous au natural, we don’t mind a bare skin beauty look, but if you’ve been searching for a fresh and easy 5-minute face that will have you looking like a knock out even if you haven’t slept in days, we’ve got you covered!

1. Perfect the Palette!

First, we recommend an all day wear tinted moisturizer that pulls double duty as your foundation. We suggest oil free to tame unwanted shine. Apply with your favorite beauty blender sponge or foundation brush until completely blended.


2. Conceal It!

The second step is swiping our favorite concealer in an inverted triangle under eyes and between the brows. Then a light line down the bridge of your nose, a dot on your chin and Cupid’s bow, and we’re ready to blend!



3. Get Cheeky!

Our third step is all about color. We’re going to use our favorite fluffy brush to add bronzer to the hollow of our cheeks, temples, under the chin, and down the sides of the nose. After blending well, we’ll add the perfect rosy glow to the apples of our cheeks. Again, blending well and avoiding any harsh lines.


4. Line It Up!

If you’re still using an eyeliner pencil, it’s time to toss it! Once you switch to gel liner you’ll never go back. We love that it starts subtle, stays put all day, and you can build it up for drama if you’d like to! But for our 5-minute face, a single stroke along the lash line (top and bottom) will be all you need to liven up those lids!


5. At Lash at Last!

Lastly, brush our favorite long wear mascara through your gorgeous lashes and coat them fully by starting at the last line and slowly wiggling the brush upward and you distribute mascara to the ends of the lashes. You’re done!



Personally, I’ve been using these products and this simple but sweet everyday beauty routine ever since welcoming my first baby in 2012 and I can attest to the fact that the more you practice the less time it will take. (Yes, even less than 5-minutes!) Later, you can build on these basics with other looks like my Brows on Point guide (coming soon)! Love our Perfect 10 look? Tell us in the comments! And we want to know, what beauty products are your Mommy Chic(k) must haves?




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