2016 Pantone Picks for Mom + Babe + Nursery


2016 Pantone Picks for Mom + Babe + Nursery

Do you follow Pantone’s color selections? Last year, Marsala reigned supreme. But this year, the members of the institute completely changed the rules of the game. In an unprecedented move, they chose two colors for 2016. And which two colors did they choose? Rose Quartz (baby pink) and Serenity (baby blue). According to Pantone, they chose these colors to remind people to seek “mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to the stress of modern day life.” We just could not get over the irony. (Three-fourths of the Baby Chick staff is currently expecting!) In honor of this timely selection, I thought it would be fun to share my Pantone Picks for mom, babe, and nursery. Here they are!

Sweet Rose Chenille Boxy Backpack from Petunia Pickle Bottom


I love Petunia Pickle Bottom. I have somehow managed to convince my husband that I need a new PBB diaper bag with every new pregnancy. We’ll see what he says this third time around! (I’m guessing fat chance.) This bag is both pretty, and functional. I am not one of those moms who believes that I have to have a “boy” diaper bag or a “girl” diaper bag — if I have to tote it around for several years, I had better love it. To heck with everyone else. After carrying a watermelon for nine months, I have earned that right.


Cuddle Plush Animal Rocker from RH Baby and Child

RH Stuffed rocking chair

Isn’t this little guy so sweet? My babies have always loved teddy bears. My three-year- old carts her worn-out baby pink teddy bear everywhere; I dread the day that bear bites the dust. What little one wouldn’t love snuggling up with this adorable rocker in his or her nursery?

Ricrac Alice Weegoamigo Knit Blanket

Alice blanket

A beautiful, knitted Weegoamigo baby blanket was one of the very first gifts we received for our oldest — and still one of my favorites. It has held up fabulously, through two rough-and-tumble little girls. We just love it. This modern, scalloped Alice print is so pretty for baby. From nap time, to play time, and everything in between, she will adore it. Trust me, I know what I am talking about here.

Grey and Baby Blue Long John from Feather Baby

feather baby blue

Have you discovered Feather Baby? They are awesome. They make some of the sweetest, softest baby clothes I have found. I love the old-fashioned style buttons up the front of these jammies — and the snaps along the inseam are a nice, middle-of-the- night-diaper-changing touch. But I think my favorite part about these long johns is that they are 100% pima cotton, a must-have in hot, humid Southeast Texas.


Bratt Decor Juliette Glider


foot rest

glider set

This chair is beyond gorgeous! I love the pretty pink color, and the soft, wavy lines. It looks so inviting. It is practically begging my exhausted, pregnant self to climb up into it for a long, afternoon nap. Now I realize it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m pretty sure this glider would look fabulous in an ultra-feminine nursery. Heck, I’d love it in my master bedroom! But I’m pretty sure my hunting, fishing, and camouflage-loving husband would have to veto that. Darn.

Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Elizabeth Blue Rug


How fun is this rug? And I love that it is an indoor/outdoor rug. When it comes to baby’s nursery, you don’t want to choose anything too high maintenance. (Lesson learned: my babies were the queens of projectile spit-up. Yuck.) You can literally hose this rug down, and let it air-dry. The bold, contemporary pattern mixed with the classic colors makes it an easy choice. On-trend nursery decor for the win!

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